Dissemination of the US-families HOBBIEDistribution of living families named HOBBIE in the USA

In the USA the name HOBBIE is represented today with nearly 300 families and thus more numerous than in Germany. Only about half of these families immigrated from Germany, mostly from about 1860, and settled mainly as farmers in the Midwest, especially in Nebraska, Kansas and Illinois. These families also all kept the „German spelling“ of their name with „ie“.
The families HOBBIE and HOBBY, who immigrated from England and only rarely from Ireland, emigrated much earlier, partly soon after the pilgrims from about 1650, and settled in the New England states. Only a few of them later changed their spelling from HOBBY to HOBBIE. To the families HOBBY in and from England as well as Ireland this Internet side cannot make detailed data.

Until today about 100 emigrated German family members from 8 of the altogether 12 different lines HOBBIE / HOBBEN are known. For most of them the entry into the USA as well as the whereabouts could be investigated. These emigrants are listed in the following with the most important details, further details can be found under Origin by place at the respective line of origin.

Family line LINSWEGE:
Theodor August HOBBIE (*1842 in Seghorn) emigrated first 1864 alone, after return and recovery 1873 again, this time together with his newly wed wife Elise ‚Hermine‘ née Ahlers, his widowed mother Anna Elisabeth née Hammie, the sisters Johanna Elise Marie and Anna ‚Elise‘ Helene, as well as the cousins Johann ‚Gerhard‘ and Johann. The cousin Anna Elise (later married Brüggemann) had already emigrated in 1871, his brothers Johann August Ludwig and Karl Diedrich in 1872. Very numerous descendants especially in Kansas, California, Colorado and Missouri.
Heinrich Wilhelm HOBBIE (*1897 in Elmendorf) emigrated to California alone in 1911, there living descendants. (Information on the descendants of the aforementioned Linswegers comes from Dorothy Hobbie Newquist, Kansas).
The widow Gebke Margarethe HOBBIESIEFKEN nee Heinen (*1825 in Conneforde, living in Petersfeld) emigrated 1879 to Iowa, together with her 6 children Lena Sophie, Gebke Margarethe, Johann Hinrich, Anna Elisabeth, Gerd and Friedrich. There and in California numerous descendants.
Gesche ‚Helene‘ KUCK née KÜPKER widowed HOBBIESIEFKEN (* 1848 in Hankhausen) emigrated in 1885 to Oklahoma, together with her three sons from her first marriage, Johann ‚Friedrich‘, Hinrich Gerhard and Johann HOBBIESIEFKEN, as well as her husband Heinrich Kuck and four sons from her second marriage, numerous descendants.

Family line HOLLWEGE:
Gerd Diederich HOBBIE (*1830 in Westerloy) emigrated to Illinois in 1882, together with his wife Gebke Helene née Helmers and the two children Johann Diederich and Marie Helene. Numerous descendants.
Johann ‚Diedrich‘ HOBBIE (*1870 in Burgforde) emigrated alone to Illinois in 1889 and, after marriage to Sophie Dierks, who had emigrated a few months before with her parents and siblings, settled in South Dakota from 1895. Numerous descendants.
His younger brother Heinrich HOBBIE (*1875 in Burgforde) followed in 1900 and also settled in Moody County in South Dakota, probably childless.
Heinrich August HOBBIEBRUNKEN (*1888 in Neuengland) must have emigrated alone about 1910 to 1915, he settled in Iowa after marriage in 1917. Numerous living descendants in various US states.
Georg Diedrich HOBBIEBRUNKEN (*1907 in Neuengland) had a common great-grandfather with Hinrich August HOBBIEBRUNKEN. He emigrated to Canada in 1929 and settled in Saskatchewan, where some of his descendants live.
Heinrich HOBBIEBRUNKEN (*1903 in Eggeloge) arrived alone in America in 1923 and settled in Minnesota, some living descendants.

Family line OCHOLT:
Diederich HOBBEN (*1851 in Ocholt) came to Nebraska immediately after his marriage in 1881 with his wife Anna Margarethe née Peters in 1881, together with his brother Friederich HOBBEN (*1853 in Ocholt), who married there in 1882. Several children were born to both families before they all returned to the Oldenburg area around 1898. Descendants of these two brothers in America are not known.

Family line WESTERLOY:
Johann ‚Friederich‘ HOBBENSIEFKEN (*1828 in Moorburg) came to Nebraska in 1884 with wife Sophie née Busch and the only living son Heinrich. Numerous living descendants, also in Oregon and California, a great-grandson having changed his family name to HOBBY.

Family line HOWIEK:
Eilerd HOBBIE (*1830 in Howiek, later living in Hüllstede) probably immigrated to Iowa in May 1870, together with his wife Talke Helene née Möhlmann and his two sons Bernhard Diedrich Wilhelm and Carl Friedrich Gerhard as well as his mother-in-law. Some descendants.
Johann Friederich HOBBIE (*1843 in Hüllstede) arrived in Baltimore in 1884, together with his wife Anna Christine née Borchers and the 5 children Christian Bernhard, Anna Helene Elise, Friedrich Wilhelm, August Diedrich and Johann Fritz. The family remained in Baltimore, other descendants not yet known.
Anna ‚Wilhelmine‘ HOBBIE (*1885 in Hüllstede), a niece of the aforementioned Johann Friedrich, emigrated to Nebraska in 1906 to marry Friedrich Blessen from Plaggenkrug. Numerous descendants.
Johann Diedrich HOBBIE (*1895 in Halsbek) emigrated first alone in 1926 and later lived with his second wife Katharina née Bösch in New Jersey. Obviously no descendants from this second marriage.

Family line TORSHOLT:
Of the four daughters of David HOBBIEJANSSEN (*1826 in Torsholt, living in Altona) at least three have emigrated to America in different years: Anna Margarete HOBBIEJANSSEN (*1853 in Torsholt), emigrated about 1870, was mentioned as married Chifalo (also Cefalo) with several children in Louisiana; Marie HOBBIEJANSSEN (*1855 in Mellingstedt) arrived in New York in 1882, further whereabouts unknown; Catharine Margarethe Johanne HOBBIEJANSSEN (*1863 in Altona) emigrated in 1885, married Carl Georg Adolf Buhbe, but apparently resided in Hamburg again as a widow in 1935. Living Buhbe descendants in California.
Lücke Sophie HOBBIEJANSSEN (*1834 in Torsholt) applied for her expatriation in 1891 and emigrated with her husband Heinrich Janssen-Harms and the two children Emma Marie Sophie and Ernst Eduard probably to Nebraska. The son Gerhard Janssen-Harms had apparently arrived in New York in 1883. Probably living Harms descendants at least in Iowa.

Family line ZETEL:
Gerd HOBBIE (*1807 in Bohlenberge) followed his children to Illinois after the death of his wife in 1868. His three sons Harm HOBBIE, Willm HOBBIE and Jann Jürgen HOBBIE as well as his daughter Gesche Margarethe HOBBIE married Köhne had partly emigrated since 1864 and possibly earlier. Many living descendants also in Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota. (Information about the descendants of the Zetelers mentioned above comes from Carol Scott, Oklahoma).
The two sons of Gerd Hobbie (*1837 in Zetel), Reinhard Anton HOBBIE (*1869 in Brake) and Georg Martin HOBBIE (*1871 in Brake) emigrated to Nebraska after the death of their parents in 1886 and 1887 respectively. Numerous living descendants of Reinhard Anton in Nebraska. (Some information about the descendants of the aforementioned from Brake comes from Theresa and Kent Hobbie, Nebraska).
Gesche ‚Margarete‘ HOBBIE (*1848 in Bohlenbergerfeld), a niece of the aforementioned Gerd (*1807), emigrated to Illinois in 1868 and married Heye Johnson Dirks in 1876. With several children from 1880 in Missouri.
Anna Sophie HOBBIE (*1840 in Zetel), only sister of the aforementioned Gerd (*1837), came to Nebraska after the death of her parents in 1870 and married Dietrich J. Schomerus there in 1878. No biological children.
Johann HOBBIEOETJEN (*1835 in Zetel) arrived in New York in 1884, the whereabouts are unknown.

Family line POTSHAUSEN:
Eilert Gerdes HOBBY (*1815 in Potshausen) emigrated in 1866, together with Mrs. Hilke Beenen née Boeskohl and the three youngest daughters Siementje, Hilke Venna and Bertha Lena. 8 months later the two older daughters Gretje and Antje followed. In 1880 the eldest son Gerd HOBBY (*1844 on loan) settled next to his father in Illinois. So far only little is known about descendants.
Friedrich ‚Reimar‘ HOBBING (*1887 in Nienburg) emigrated 1927 with wife Hertha née Schlag and the two sons Enno and Reimar to Pennsylvania.