The village of Westerloy belongs to the municipality of Westerstede and lies 4 km southwest of Westerstede. Westerloy was first mentioned on 4 July 1332, when the miner Gerrardus Rike and his brothers Thidericus and Willekinus sold the half-tenth in Westerloye to the church jurors in „Thvischena“ (Zwischenahn). The „Oldenburger Salbuch“, a taxbook, of 1428 by Jacob von Specken lists 13 taxable farmers.

Topographic Map of Westerloy (TK50-1998)
Topographic Map 1:50.000 (Copyright: LGLN Niedersachsen)

In the Mannzahlregister (defence recruitment register) of 1581 a Köter HOBBEN Siveke is mentioned for the first time. He is the top ancestor of the families „HOBBENSIEFKEN from Westerloy“ and will therefore be born around 1550. He was very probably a later born son of the 1530 in Ocholt mentioned Hausmann Reyner Hobben (*around 1500) from the since 1428 known Hausmann family „HOBBEN from Ocholt“, and with it a younger brother of the 1581 in the Mannzahlregister Apen named Ocholter Hoferben and Hausmann Johann HOBBEN (*around 1535), and with it also an older brother of the Köter Gerdt HOBBEN (*around 1550), the top ancestor of the families „HOBBEN from Apen“. The following picture shows the location of the Westerloyer Köterei „Hobbensiefken“.

Hobbensiefken-Farm in Westerloy in GoogleEarth

The families „HOBBENSIEFKEN from Westerloy“ until around 1920

The spelling of the names mainly follows the baptismal registers and documents. The German names for farmers and farm hands are retained and are to be interpreted as follows:
„Hausmann“ = farmer with a long-established hereditary farm, first settlers in a village,
„Köter“ = farmer with a smaller, later founded farm,
„Halbköter, Viertelköter“ = Köter with less land,
„Brinksitzer“ = small farmer on the outskirts of the village,
„Anbauer“ = farmer on newly cultivated land,
„Grundheuermann“ = farm hand with own house on non-inherent land,
„Heuermann, Heuerling“ = farm hand without own house,
„Häusling“ = person without own house,
„Dienstknecht, Knecht“ = farm hand.

6. HOBBEN Siveke, *about 1545 Ocholt, +about 1600 Westerloy, Köter.
He is mentioned 1581 in the Mannzahlregister (defence recruitment register) of Westerstede as „Hobben Siveke“ with side rifle and long rifle and also mentioned by Carl Baasen in the list of Westerloyer farms as the earliest known owner of the Köterei No. 17. He is the currently known top ancestor of the families „HOBBENSIEFKEN from Westerloy“. He was very probably a later son of the Ocholter Hausmann Reyner Hobben *about 1500 from the Hausmann family „Hobben from Ocholt“ mentioned in 1530. He had at least one son Johann HOBBEN-SIEFKEN (about 1585-1643) as farm heir.

7. Johann HOBBEN-SIEFKEN, *about 1585 Westerloy, Köter.
He is mentioned in the Mannzahlregister of 1632, married Grete NN around 1615 (around 1595-1644) and had at least two daughters with her. Gesche HOBBY-SYVCKEN (about 1618-1643) became farm heiress. The whereabouts of Talcke HOBBY-SYVCKEN (*about 1625) are unknown.

8. Gesche HOBBY-SYVCKEN, *about 1618 Westerloy, +19.02.1643 ibid., farm heiress.
She married in 1641 Johan Blancken (about 1612-before 1681) from Hollwege, who took the name HOBBI-SYVCKEN at marriage. He is mentioned in the Mannzahlregister in 1653 and 1657. They had at least one daughter Grete HOBBEN-SIEFKEN (1642-1706), who became court heiress. Johan Blancken called Hobbiesiefken married 1644 Talke Recker (around 1620-1655) from Westerloy and had with her a daughter Hille HOBBY-SIEFKEN (* about 1648), who married Dirich Janßen (* about 1645) in 1671, and a son (* about 1650-1655) who died as a child.

9. Grete HOBBEN-SIEFKEN, *1642 Westerloy, +21.01.1706 ibid., farm heiress.
In 1667 she married Frerich NN (about 1630-1713) from Westerloy, who took the name HOBBEN-SIEVKEN (also Frerk HOBBY-SIEFKEN) at marriage. He is mentioned in 1665 in the Mannzahlregister, 1679 in the tax register and 1681 as well as 1693 in the land records. They had 7 children, at least four of whom reached adulthood and married. Anna HOBBEN-SIEFKEN (1668-1741) married Renke Schröer-Hogen (1655-1731) from Torsholt in 1695. Johann HOBBEN-SIEFKEN (1670-1698) became farm heir, see 10.a). For Gerdt HOBBEN-SIEFKEN (1673-1712) see 10.b). For Frerk HOBBEN-SIEFKEN (1675-1746) see 10.c).

10. a) Johann HOBBEN-SIEFKEN, *25.11.1670 Westerloy, +21.04.1698 ibid., Köter.
He married 1695 in Westerstede Ahlke Banters (*about 1675) and had with her before his early death a son and heir Frerich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1696-1752), see 11.a).

10. b) Gerd HOBBEN-SIEFKEN, *09.04.1673 Westerloy, +24.08.1712 Lindern, Köter.
He married 1701 in Westerstede Anna Jürgens (*about 1680) from Vreschen-Bokel, wrote since then HOBBY-SIEFKEN and had four children who were partly born in Mansie. Frerk HOBBY-SIEFKEN (1702-1764) was the farm heir, see 11.b). Allmuth HOBBY-SIEFKEN (1706-1708) died as a child. The whereabouts of Gerdt HOBBY-SIEFKEN (*1709) are unknown. Grete HOBBY-SIEKEN (1713-1786) married Hinrich Willje (1707-1752) from Westerloy in 1735.

10. c) Frerich „Frerk“ HOBBEN-SIEFKEN, *30.12.1675 Westerloy, +28.11.1746 ibid..
He married in first marriage 1708 in Westerstede Almuth Westje (1677-1733), also wrote himself HOBBY-SIEFKEN and had with her three children, of which two died as a child. Anna HOBBY-SIEFKEN (1715-1788) married Renke Neudiers (1714-1780) in 1738.

11. a) Frerich HOBBENSIEFKEN, *30.03.1696 Westerloy, +22.02.1752 ibid., Köter.
He married 1724 in Westerstede Gebke Harms (1698-1770) from Espern and had with her four children, all of whom reached adulthood and married. Ahlke Margrethe HOBBENSIEFKEN (1728-1789) married in first short marriage 1746 Gerdt Ötken (1719-1749) from Westerloy, in second marriage 1750 Gerdt Benje-Gerdes (1723-1771) from Westerloy. Anna HOBBENSIEFKEN (1725-1753) married Brunke Hollander (1724-1768) from Westerloy in 1752. Johann HOBBENSIEFKEN (1730-1775) became the farm heir, see 12.). Dierk HOBBENSIEFKEN (1738-1813) married Anna Margarethe Wiechmann or Martens (1749-1809) from Westerloy in 1768 and had 8 descendants in Seggern, all of whom died in childhood.

11. b) Frerk HOBBY-SIEFKEN, *28.08.1702 Lindern, +11.02.1764 ibid., Köter.
He also called himself Frerk GERDES after his father at times, married Gesche Balster (1705-1766) from Lindern in 1730 and had three children with her, at least one of whom died as a child. Anna Margretha GERDES (1732-1796) married in 1754 her cousin of the 2nd degree, Johann HOBBENSIEFKEN (1730-1775), see  point 12) below. The whereabouts of Gesche GERS (*1745) are not yet known.

12. Johann HOBBENSIEFKEN, *11.02.1730 Mansie, +18.04.1775 Westerloy, Köter.
In 1754 he married Anna Margarete Gerdes (1732-1796) from Lindern, his cousin of 2nd degree, and had 7 children with her, four of whom reached adulthood and married. Gebke HOBBENSIEFKEN (1755-1827) married Johann Meynen (1751-1792) from Felde in 1779. Anna Margarethe HOBBENSIEFKEN (1760-1821) married Johann Röder (1757-1810) from Mansie in 1782. On Johann ‚Friedrich‘ HOBBENSIEFKEN (1765-1820) see 13.a). For Gesche ‚Lene‘ HOBBENSIEFKEN (1769-1838) see 13.b).

The following Oldenburg Vogteikarte shows to scale the Köterei „Hobbensiefken“ (family-owned only until 1775) and the settlement of Westerloy around 1793.

Hobbensiefken-farm in Westerloy in Vogteikarte from 1793Oldenburger Vogteikarte von 1793 (Copyright: LGLN Niedersachsen)

13. a) Johann ‚Friedrich‘ HOBBENSIEFKEN, *15.06.1765 Westerloy, +24.08.1820 Hollwege, Heuerling.
He married 1789 in Zwischenahn Gesche Meyer (1758-1830) from Helle. They had two children. Johann HOBBENSIEFKEN (1789-1838) became the heir of the farm, see 14.a). Anna Margarethe HOBBENSIEFKEN (1792-1871) married the farm hand Johann Friedrich Janßen (1793-1858) from Hollwege in 1819.

13. b) Gesche ‚Lene‘ HOBBENSIEFKEN, *16.02.1769 Westerloy, +22.11.1838 Linswege, maid.
She remained single, but had an illegitimate son Johann Friedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1800-1872), see 14.b).

14. a) Johann HOBBENSIEFKEN, *24.07.1789 Hollwege, +23.03.1838 ibid., Heuerling.
He married 1812 Wübke Margarethe Janßen (1785-1843) from Hollwege, the sister of his brother-in-law, and had 6 children with her. Gesche Margrethe HOBBENSIEFKEN (1814-1866) married Johann Anton Stiefs (1819-1875) from Hollwege in 1843. For Johann Friedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1816-1895) see 15.a). Anna Marie HOBBENSIEFKEN (1818-1878) married Frerich Siems (1812-1873) from Hollwege) in 1844. For Johann HOBBENSIEFKEN (1821-1898) see 15. b). For Diederich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1823-1890) see 15.c). Helena HOBBENSIEFKEN (1828-1892) married Gerd Hüschen (1819-1888) from Westerstederfeld in 1854.

14. b) Johann Friedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN, *02.02.1800 Lindern, +06.11.1872 Westerstederfeld, Heuermann.
He grew up in the household of his uncle, Johann ‚Friedrich‘ HOBBENSIEFKEN (1765-1820), was soldier and Grundheuermann, first in Moorburg, later in Westerstederfeld. He married Anna Margarete Damken (1800-1853) from Rastederberg in Westerstede in 1822 and had 7 children with her, four of whom reached adulthood and married. Talke ‚Lene‘ HOBBENSIEFKEN (1823-1879) married in 1849 in Zwischenahn the shoemaker Friederich Roebe-Oltmanns (1818-1897) from Dänikhorst. Anne Margarete HOBBENSIEFKEN (1825-1859) married Ernst Wilhelm Bernhard Landgraf (1819-1876) from Oberkatz (Thuringia) in Oldenburg in 1854, who after the early death of Anne Margarete married her younger sister Wübke Helene ‚Sophie‘ HOBBENSIEFKEN (1840-1878) in his second marriage in Oldenburg in 1859. For Johann ‚Friederich‘ HOBBENSIEFKEN (1828-1907) see 15.d).

15. a) Johann Friedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN, *12.01.1816 Hollwege, +21.01.1895 Hollwegerfeld, Grundheuermann.
He married in 1845 in Westerstede Gesche Margarethe Hassmann (1822-1861) from Mollberg and had with her three sons, two of whom reached adulthood and married. For Johann Friedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1847-1919) see 16.a). For Friederich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1855-1926) see 16.b). In his second marriage he married Helene Catharine Scheelken (1828-1913) from Apen in 1865.

15. b) Johann HOBBENSIEFKEN. *22.03.1821 Hollwege, +26.06.1898 Zwischenahn, Heuermann.
He married 1851 Anna Margarethe Leffers (1823-1889) from Zwischenahn and had with her four children, of which three married. Anna HOBBENSIEFKEN (*1855) married the roofer Georg Theilen (*1847) from Westerloy in 1881. Lena HOBBENSIEFKEN (1857-1918) married the Köter Johann Friedrich Lamken (1835-1893) from Aschhauserfeld in the first marriage in 1886 and the worker Heinrich Gerhard Eilers (1873-1913) from Specken in the second marriage. To Gerhard HOBBENSIEFKEN (1860-1885) see 16.c).

15. c) Diederich HOBBENSIEFKEN, * 19.12.1823 Hollwege, +30.11.1890 ibid., Grundheuermann.
In 1861 he married Anna Margarethe Hollander (1839-1876) from Hollwege and had three sons with her. For Johann HOBBENSIEFKEN (1863-1927) see 16.d). For Diedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1866-1933) see 16.e). For Friedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1873-1939) see 16.f).

15. d) Johann ‚Friederich‘ „Frederick“ HOBBENSIEFKEN, *27.04.1828 Moorburg, +15.02.1907 Platte County, NE, USA.
He married 1857 in Westerstede Sophie K. Busch (1831-1904) from Veenhusen. In 1884 they emigrated on the ship „Fulda“ to their only surviving child Heinrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1865-1937) in Nebraska and settled there in Sherman Township, Platte County. „Frederick,“ as Johann Friedrich called himself there, was completely blind in 1887. For Henry see 16.g).

16. a) Johann Friedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN, *12.02.1847 Hollwege, +20.11.1919 Hollwegerfeld, Heuermann.
He married Johann Sophie Catharine Kramer (1847-1907) from Westerstede in 1871 and had 7 children with her, who were all married. For Johann Friedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1871-1945) see 17.a). For Johann Gerhard HOBBENSIEFKEN (1874-1955) see 17.b). Diedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1877-1920) was a farmer in Hollwegerfeld and married Hanni Güldener (1881-1959) from Roggenmoor in Westerstede in 1905, more is not known yet. For Heinrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1882-1960) see 17.c). For Johann ‚Hermann‘ HOBBENSIEFKEN (1884-1957) see 17.d). Anna Helene Margarethe HOBBENSIEFKEN (1885-1954) married the house painter Friedrich Gerhard Eilers (1885-after 1954) from Westerstede in 1913. Johanne Sophie HOBBENSIEFKEN (1892-1980) married the worker Friedrich Heinrich Cordes (*1893) from Astederfeld in Westerstede in 1914.

16. b) Friederich „Fritz“ HOBBENSIEFKEN, *24.07.1855 Hollwege, 24.03.1926 Hollwegerfeld, Heuermann.
He married Talke Helene Dierks (1858-1924) from Torsholt in 1879 and had 11 children with her, 7 of whom reached adulthood and married. For Johann Friedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1880-1910) see 17.e). For Heinrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1882-1929) see 17.f). Anna Margarethe HOBBENSIEFKEN (1886-1975) married Gerhard Friedrich Brakenhoff (1887-before 1975) from Bokel near Apen in Westerstede in 1912. Talke Helene Catharine HOBBENSIEFKEN (1889-1968) had a son who had died as a child and married Diedrich Eilers (1888-before 1968) from Halstrup in 1911. Marie HOBBENSIEFKEN (1898-1977) married August Oeltjendiers (1890-before 1977) from Garnholterfeld in 1923. For Friedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1900-1987) see 17.g). Diedrich ‚Wilhelm‘ HOBBENSIEFKEN (1902-1970) married in 1935 in Varel Alma Wilhelmine Bohlje (1910-1966) from Eggeloge and had three children with her.

16. c) Gerhard HOBBENSIEFKEN, *14.03.1860 Torsholt, +22.07.1885 Rosstrup, tailor.
He married in Zwischenahn 1885 Helene Catharine Haake (*1861) from Rostruperfeld and had with her a son Johann Gerhard HOBBENSIEFKEN (1885-1914), who married in 1912 Anna Margarete Oeltjenbruns (*1887) from Torsholt and later was a blacksmith in Ocholt. They had two daughters who both died as infants.

16. d) Johann HOBBENSIEFKEN, *07.04.1863 Hollwege, +05.12.1927 ibid., Grundheuermann and farmer.
In his first marriage in 1883 he married Anna Marie Henkensiefken (1861-1910) from Neuengland and had two children with her. Anna Marie HOBBENSIEFKEN (1883-1970) married in 1905 the farm hand Georg Klinkebiel (1879-before 1970). For Johann ‚Diedrich‘ HOBBENSIEFKEN (1887-1956) see 17.h). In his second marriage he married Talke Helene Hedemann (1861-1939) from Halsbek in 1921.

16. e) Diedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN, *20.02.1866 Hollwege, +31.10.1933 Hollwegerfeld, Anbauer and farmer.
He married Gesche Helene Henkensiefken (1869-1938) in 1891 and had two children. Diedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1891-1916) died in France. Anna Marie HOBBENSIEFKEN (1897-1962) married 1922 in Westerstede the farmer Jan Janßen Hoffmann (1900-nach 1962) from Lintelermarsch, district of Norden.

16. f) Friedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN, *05.08.1873 Hollwege, +07.04. 1939 Lindern, farmer and innkeeper.
He married Marie Düesfrerichs (1878-1942) from Lindern in 1901 and had three children with her, two of whom reached adulthood and married. For Johann Diedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1903-1970) see 17.k). On Fritz HOBBENSIEFKEN (1907-1978) see 17.m).

16. g) Heinrich „Henry“ HOBBENSIEFKEN, *20.03.1865 Westerstederfeld, +August 1937 Sherman Township, NE, USA, farmer.
In 1882, two years before his parents, he emigrated with the ship „Kronprinz Friedrich Wilhelm“ to Nebraska, where he called himself „Henry“ and became a farmer. In 1891 he married in Behlen Residence, Platte County Lena Behlen (1871-1952) from Bismark, Platte County and had 10 children with her. For Fred A. HOBBENSIEFKEN (1891-1921) see 17.o). Edward H. HOBBENSIEFKEN (1892-1943) was a farmer and remained single. Louise HOBBENSIEFKEN (1895-1984) married Otto A. Wetgen (1895-1963) in 1920 in Platte Center and moved with him to Oregon. On Henry Harry HOBBENSIEFKEN (1897-1974) see 17.p). Emil HOBBENSIEFKEN (1899-1994) married in 1922 in Genoa, Nance County Ellen Eliza Geiser (*1901) from Platte and had two daughters with her. For Walter HOBBENSIEFKEN (1901-1978) see 17.q). Elisabeth Hulda HOBBENSIEFKEN (1903-1991) married Ray Melger in her first marriage around 1925, later a man named Stetler and died in Sacramento, California. For William S. HOBBENSIEFKEN (1905-1985) see 17.r). Alvin L. HOBBENSIEFKEN (1906-1979) married around 1933 Gladys J. Cronin (1908-1998), had two daughters with her and lived in Platte. Edith HOBBENSIEFKEN (1908-1998) married a man named Siems around 1930 and died in Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska.

17. a) Johann Friedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN, *03.08.1871 Hollwegerfeld, +24.02.1945 Specken, tenant and farmer.
He married Anna Roggemann (1872-1955) from Ohrwegerfeld in Zwischenahn in 1898 and had 5 children with her, four of whom reached adulthood and married. Johanne Elise HOBBENSIEFKEN (1898-1983) married 1926 in Zwischenahn Gerhard Diedrich Hinrichs (1896-1974) from Rostrup. Anna Sophie HOBBENSIEFKEN (1901-1986) married Johann Schroeder (1900- after 1986) from Ohrwegerfeld in Zwischenahn in 1921. Frieda Helene HOBBENSIEFKEN (1903-1978) married Hermann Heinrich Büsselmann (*1907) from Dänikhorst in Zwischenahn in 1928. For Fritz Gerhard HOBBENSIEFKEN (1907-about 1973) see 18.a).

17. b) Johann Gerhard HOBBENSIEFKEN, *18.09.1874 Hollwegerfeld, +23.02.1955 Wilhelmshaven, brick maker, press plant operator.
He married Vohlke Janßen Oltmanns (1882-1944) in Bant in 1903, with whom he had 11 children, 10 of whom reached adulthood and married. Anna Sophie HOBBENSIEFKEN (1906-1983) married the mechanical engineer Robert Julius Hermann Carl Dau (1903-1954) from Heppens in Rüstringen in 1927. Frieda Helene HOBBENSIEFKEN (1907-1984) married Herbert Rost (*around 1905) around 1930. For Bernhard Friedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1910-1942) see 18.b). Sophie Johanne HOBBENSIEFKEN (1913-1998) married Johannes August Michaelis (1911-1940) in 1937 and had two children with him. Johann Diedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1915-1945) married Marlene Schrader (1922-2000) from Braunschweig in Wilhelmshaven in 1944. Karl Hermann HOBBENSIEFKEN (1919-1989) married Paula Maria Ahlgrimm (1925-1998) from Nauen in Berlin-Pankow in 1944 and had three daughters with her in Berlin. Hero Hans HOBBENSIEFKEN (1921-1978) married Mariechen Lohmann (1926-2018) from Rüstringen in Wilhelmshaven in 1951 and had a daughter with her in Duisburg. Hildegard Herta HOBBENSIEFKEN (1923-1998) married Heinrich Günther (1919-2000) from Eichelberg, district Witzenhausen in 1948 and had a daughter with him in Wilhelmshaven. Herbert HOBBENSIEFKEN (1925-1995) married in 1952 in Sande Ruth Jacks (1928-2016) from Memel (East Prussia) and had three children with her in Wilhelmshaven. Wilhelm HOBBENSIEFKEN (1926-1987) married Adolfine Kirchmann (1931-2007) in Mariadorf, Alsdorf district, in 1950 and had two children with her.

17. c) Heinrich HOBBENSIEFKEN, *24.01.1882 Hollwegerfeld, +23.02.1960 Westerstede, heater and Köter.
He first married in 1906 in Zwischenahn Meta Bruns (1880-1921) from Rostruperfeld, with whom he had 7 children in Kayhausen, two of whom reached adulthood and married. Johann Friedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1908-1942) married Toni Helene Frahmann (*1920) from Jeddeloh I in 1939 and had a son with her. Carl Diedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1910-1985) married Klara Behrens (1914-1994) around 1933 and had a son with her.
In his second marriage he married Antje Hemken (1887-1960) from Lammertsfehn in Zwischenahn in 1922, with whom he had another four children, three of whom probably reached adulthood: Bernhard Heinz HOBBENSIEFKEN (*1925), Anna Sophie HOBBENSIEFKEN (*1928) and Henny Luise HOBBENSIEFKEN (1930-2007).

17. d) Johann ‚Hermann‘ HOBBENSIEFKEN, *29.03.1884 Hollwegerfeld, +05.09.1957 Varel, farmer.
He married his first wife in 1906 in Varel Helene Christine Jürgens (1884-1927) from Büppel, with whom he had 8 children, 7 of whom reached adulthood and married. For Johann Hermann HOBBENSIEFKEN (1906-1970) see 18.c). For Georg Heinrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1908-um 1977) see 18.d). For Heinrich Bernhard HOBBENSIEFKEN (1910-1986) see 18.e). Martha Johanne HOBBENSIEFKEN (1916-1986) married Georg Fastje (1912-1996) from Delfhausen in Varel in 1937 and had three sons with him. For August HOBBENSIEFKEN (1918-1986) see 18.f). Frieda HOBBENSIEFKEN (1922-2004) had a daughter and married Friedrich Geveke (1919-1984) from Rönnelmoor in 1948, with whom she had three children. For Hans Wilhelm HOBBENSIEFKEN (1925-1944) see 18.g).
In second marriage he married Marie Johanne Gesine Jürgens (1887-1937) from Büppel and in third marriage in 1944 Martha Wilhelmine Ruseler (*1896) from Jethausermoor.

17. e) Johann Friedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN, *31.01.1880 Hollwegerfeld, +06.03.1910 Linswege, farmer.
In 1903 he married Marie Oeltjenbruns (1879-1961) from Eggeloge, with whom he had four children, all of whom married. Helene Margarete HOBBENSIEFKEN (1903-1988) married the worker Johann Gerhard Köster (1906-before 1988) from Rüstringen in Westerstede in 1926. Anna HOBBENSIEFKEN (1905-1958) married the worker Johann Diedrich Klinkebiel (1902-after 1958) from Moorburg in Westerstede in 1926. For Johann Friedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1906-1945) see 18.h). Wilhelmine HOBBENSIEFKEN (1909-1990) married the station worker Hermann Janßen (191-before 1990) from Apen in 1933.

17. f) Heinrich HOBBENSIEFKEN, *03.06.1882 Hollwegerfeld, +16.02.1929 Oldenburg, worker and farmer.
He married in 1907 in Zwischenahn Marie Reil (1881-1942) from Specken, with whom he had four children in Rostrup, three of whom married. Anna Helene HOBBENSIEFKEN (1908-1992) had a son Heinz HOBBENSIEFKEN (1929-1993) and married in 1939 the worker Gerhard Reil (*1902) from Jeddeloh II. Marga HOBBENSIEFKEN (1910-1999) married around 1930 the inhabitant Johann Martens (1905-1986). Georg Friedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1913-1962) married Frieda Brandes (1911-2010) 1939 in Zwischenahn and had 5 children with her.

17. g) Friedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN , *19.10.1900 Hollwegerfeld, +07.03.1987 ibid., farmer.
He married Helene Katriene Schrage (1906-1998) from Stapel in Westerstede in 1928 and had two children with her in Hollwegerfeld.

17. h) Johann ‚Diedrich‘ HOBBENSIEFKEN, *05.12.1887 Hollwege, +26.10.1956 Zwischenahn, farmer.
He married Elise Janßen (1890-1979) from Ocholterfeld in 1913 and had three children with her in Linwegerfeld: Johann Diedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1919-1955), Herta Helene HOBBENSIEFKEN (*1923) and Anneliese HOBBENSIEFKEN (*1927).

17. k) Johann Diedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN, *04.03.1903 Lindern, +15.06.1970 ibid., farmer and innkeeper.
He married Emma Elise HOBBIE (*1908) from Südedewecht in Westerstede in 1932 and had four children with her.

17. m) Fritz HOBBENSIEFKEN, *26.11.1907 Lindern, +10.05.1978 Westerstede, farmer.
He married Elfriede Elise Witte (1913-2016) 1939 and had two children with her.

17. o) Fred A. HOBBENSIEFKEN, *08.12.1891 Sherman Township, Platte County, NE, USA, +18.02.1921, Platte County, farmer.
He was married to Della Lutjens (1895-1919) in his first marriage around 1917, to Stella M. Johnson (1900-1992) from Monroe, Platte County in his second marriage in 1920. From second marriage he had a son Frederick E. HOBBENSIEFKEN (1921-1990), who in 1945 in Harrisburg, MS married F. Marie Williams (1919-2004) and who had two children with her.

17. p) Henry Harry HOBBENSIEFKEN, *24.11.1897 Sherman Township, +June 1974 Hermet, Riverside County, CA, USA, farm worker.
He married 1921 in Columbus, Platte County Elizabeth ‚Hulda‘ Stetler (1903-1991) from Iowa, had two sons and two daughters with her and moved to California as a farmer in 1937.

17. q) Walter HOBBENSIEFKEN, *08.06.1901 Sherman Township, +18.09.1978 Salem, Marion County, OR, USA, lumberjack.
He married in 1922 in Platte County Eula Ann Geiser (1903-2001), the sister of his sister-in-law, had three children with her, and moved as a lumberjack in 1937 to Idaho, later to Oregon.

17. r) William S. HOBBENSIEFKEN, *23.01.1905 Sherman Township, +24.01.1985 Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Around 1935 he married Ruby Edna Stewart (1911-1985) from Idaho, had two sons with her and later moved to Los Angeles.

18. a) Fritz Gerhard HOBBENSIEFKEN, *12.09.1907 Rostruperfeld, +around 1973, worker.
Around 1935 he married Emma Marken (1909-2000) and had three children with her.

18. b) Bernhard Friedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN, *10.07.1910 Bant, +03.05.1942 Russia, house painter.
He married Susanne Bents (1914-2002) from Wilhelmshaven in 1937 and had a son with her.

18. c) Johann Hermann HOBBENSIEFKEN, *14.11.1906 Jethausermoor, +06.11.1970 Osterforde, worker.
He married Helene ‚Erna‘ Marschner (1906-1975) from Oschatz (Saxony) in Borgstede in 1928 and had three children with her.

18. d) Georg Heinrich HOBBENSIEFKEN, *18.09.1908 Jethausermoor, +09.08.1976 Varel, farmer and worker.
He married 1933 in Borgstede Johanne Gerhardine Niendecker (1901-1986) from Hohelucht and had with her two sons.

18. e) Heinrich Bernhard HOBBENSIEFKEN, *27.11.1910 Jethausermoor, +01.01.1986, farmer.
He married Antonie Marie Helene Othold (1907-1990) from Papenmoor in 1933 and had two children with her, of whom only Heinz-Hermann HOBBENSIEFKEN (1935-1987) reached adulthood and married.

18. f) AugustHOBBENSIEFKEN, *31.12.1918 Varel-Neudorf, +20.06.1986, construction worker.
In 1940 he married Sophie Krömer (1920-2008) from Varel and had with her a son Alwin HOBBENSIEFKEN (1943-1983), who reached adulthood and married.

18. g) Hans Wilhelm HOBBENSIEFKEN, *30.03.1925 Varel-Neudorf, +24.10.1944 Italy.
He married 1943 in Varel Hertha Ferken (1924-2013) from Neuenwege and had with her a son.

18. h) Johann Friedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN, *13.09.1906 Halstrup, +14.06.1945 Westerstede, worker.
He married Anna Margarete Hemmieoltmanns (1912-1995) from Howiek in Varel Alma in 1934 and had four children with her.

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Further information, also on children not listed here, deceased or unmarried, as well as on other descendants after 1900, if known and (e.g. in the case of living persons) not protected, may be provided on request, see Contact.