Of the numerous sources of information for the family research described here, only the most important can be mentioned here:

  1. Copies and microfilms of church records of the Evangelical Lutheran Regional Church of Oldenburg in the Niedersächsisches Landesarchiv (Lower Saxony Regional Archive) in Oldenburg (Oldb).
  2. The Mannzahlregister (defence recruitment records) of Oldenburg Vogteien (bailiwicks) from 1581 and later in the Niedersächsisches Landesarchiv in Oldenburg (Oldb), partly also as a copy in the newsletters of the Oldenburgische Gesellschaft für Familienkunde e.V. (Oldenburg Society for Family Studies). (OGF).
  3. The Ortsfamilienbücher (local family books) of the OGF, above all to Varel, Jade, Wiefelstede, Rastede, Zetel (in each case as CD appeared, starting from 2002).
  4. File stock on dismissals from the Untertanenverband des Herzogtums Oldenburg (emigration permits) in the Niedersächsisches Landesarchiv in Oldenburg (Oldb).
  5. German emigrant database, research project and user terminal in the Historisches Museum, Bremerhaven.
  6. Handwritten and typewritten records of family researchers Heinrich Borgmann and Gerhard Eimers in the city archive of Westerstede.
  7. Inscriptions of gravestones and memorials of fallen soldiers, especially in places in the districts of Friesland and Ammerland.
  8. „Stammfolge der Familie Hobbie (Börding) aus Zetel in Oldenburg“, reprint from the 59th volume of the German Gender Book (Genealogisches Handbuch Bürgerlicher Familien), 3rd Ostfries. Sonderband, 1928, printed and published by C. A. Starke, Görlitz.
  9. Current telephone directories for Germany and the USA.
  10. Records of family members of the different lines.
  11. Correspondence with numerous family members of the different lines.


Of the countless sources of information on the Internet, only a few can be listed here:

  1. Niedersächsisches Landesarchiv in Oldenburg:
  2. Oldenburgische Gesellschaft für Familienkunde e.V. (OGF):
  3. Homepages of German and Swiss genealogy associations:
  4. German website of Ancestry Ireland Unlimited, Ireland:
  5. Website of the LDS Church:
  6. Geneanet – genealogist community based in France:
  7. OGF emigrants list:
  8. German emigrant database:
  9. Search for US immigrants (1830-1913):
  10. Search for US immigrants in New York (1892-1924):
  11. Telephone directory for Germany:
  12. Phone book for the USA:
  13. Mapping the distribution of family names in Germany in 2002:
  14. Translation into English by Deepl from DeepL GmbH, Cologne, Germany: