Dissemination of the German families HOBBIEThe distribution of HOBBIE families in Germany

There are about 200 HOBBIE families in Germany with well-known addresses and telephone numbers, more than 80% of them live in the northwest of Germany, more precisely in the area of the former Duchy of Oldenburg between the rivers Weser and Ems. Also the places of residence of the HOBBIESIEFKEN / HOBBENSIEFKEN (approx. 120 families), HOBBIEBRUNKEN (approx. 80) and HOBBIEJANSSEN (approx. 20) as well as the HOBBING, HOBBJE / HOBJE, HOBBY and HOBBEN (each approx. 10) correspond approximately to this distribution.

A significant spread beyond the borders of northern Oldenburg took place only after the Second World War, and only a few of these families live in neighbouring European countries (e.g. the Netherlands, Switzerland), but also in South Africa, etc.

Dissemination of the HOBBIE-families in the State Lower Saxony

Most HOBBIEs in the area of the former Duchy of Oldenburg

This map of the federal state Lower Saxony with the bigger cities, highways and rivers
shows more exactly with blue dots,
where most HOBBIE live in Germany. The distribution indicates the early settlements and the origin of these families. Several dozen families each live in the districts (similar to counties) of Ammerland (with the town of Westerstede as the centre) and Friesland (with the focus on the municipality of Zetel and north of it). Also most families HOBBIEBRUNKEN, HOBBIESIEFKEN / HOBBENSIEFKEN and HOBBIEJANSSEN concentrate on and around the Ammerland northwest of the city of Oldenburg.