Dr. Dierk Hobbie
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Prehistory and status of this family research

As a descendant of the HOBBIE families from Zetel in the district of Friesland, I was able to deepen my interest in family research after my retirement in May 2003. My first contact with this topic had already been through my father and a cousin. Basis of the first work was a small red booklet with the title „Stammfolge der Familie Hobbie (Börding) aus Zetel in Oldenburg“.
This was a special print from the 59th volume of the German Gender Book (Genealogisches Handbuch Bürgerlicher Familien), also known as the 3rd Ostfriesischer Sonderband, published in 1928 by C. A. Starke, Görlitz. The editor of this volume was Dr. med. Heinrich Friedrich Hajen, who was born as a descendant of this family in 1898. Until the end of 2005 I was able to update the information of this red pedigree book up to the present time, and to correct some of its details. Since then it is continued regularly and given to interested family members under the title „Die Nachfahren der Familie Hobbie aus Zetel – Aktualisierung der Stammfolge“ (The descendants of the Hobbie family from Zetel – update of the genealogical sequence) as a spiral-bound printout against reimbursement of printing and shipping costs.
When updating the only genealogical sequence of this or a similar name mentioned in the German Gender Book, it became apparent that the current German telephone directory contains far more entries with a name HOBBIE, HOBBY, HOBBJE, HOBBING and also name combinations such as HOBBIEBRUNKEN, HOBBIEJANSSEN, HOBBIESIEFKEN and HOBBENSIEFKEN. By contacts with some of these persons and with other family researchers it became fast clear that there must be several further family trees.
Subsequently, a comprehensive inventory of all 12 family lines of this name, rooted in Germany, was made, above all through research in archives. The current work status is described in this website. All personal data is managed with a genealogy program „Family Tree Maker 2005“ (also with versions 2010 & 2017), and large-format family trees are printed – if required – with „Stammbaumdrucker 8 Premium“. Data can be exchanged via the Gedcom data format.
The family files contain far more personal data and also more persons than can and may be reproduced on these web pages. If you are interested, information can be provided here in compliance with the data protection regulations of the German Archives Act.

Dierk Hobbie, February 2019