In Linswege families with the surnames HOBBIE, HOBBIESIEFKEN, HOBJESIEFKEN and partly also HOBBENSIEFKEN have their origin. However, the place of origin of most HOBBENSIEFKEN is Westerloy. The name HOBBIE is also used by the descendants of several other lines.

Topographic Map from Linswege (TK50-1998)
Topographic Map 1:50.000 (Copyright: LGLN Niedersachsen)

The village of Linswege lies about 3.5 km northeast of Westerstede and is today part of the municipality of Westerstede. According to the Landesmuseum Oldenburg, archaeological finds there point to settlements as early as the 9th century AD. As „Lynsvidon“ this settlement was mentioned 1124 in a document of Pope Calixtus II. to the definition of the „tithe“. Since the patrimony HOBBIE is called in the early earth books of the 17th century as farm No. 1, this property might have been founded there as one of the first and thus probably already existed in the 12th century. In a tax book, the „Oldenburger Salbuch“, the Minister of Duke Moritz von Oldenburg, Jacob Scheinheise (called Specken after marriage), noted in 1428 that Teyleke HOBBING from „Linswede“ had to pay an offer money of 15 Grote for the preservatInformation about Rhododendron-Park Hobbieion of the church just like the others. As the only free farmer in Linswege he did not have to pay any tax to the duke at that time. The „ing-form“ of the early name indicates that the farm name HOBBING in Linswege was already in use before the 15th century. Thus the family „HOBBIE from Linswege“ is one of the three to four oldest ancestral lines.
For decades, the descendants of Teyleke HOBBING have been running a very well-known rhododendron park, a plant from the heather family which originates primarily from the Asian highlands and is now very common in the Oldenburg Ammerland region. Further information can be found at .
This park is located in the neighbouring Petersfeld on the road to Spohle, while the descendants and current owners still live in the existing head office in the centre of Linswege.Farm & Park in Linswege in GoogleEarth

The families „HOBBIE from Linswege“ until around 1920

The spelling of the names mainly follows the baptismal registers and documents. The German names for farmers and farm hands are retained and are to be interpreted as follows:
„Hausmann“ = farmer with a long-established hereditary farm, first settlers in a village,
„Köter“ = farmer with a smaller, later founded farm,
„Halbköter, Viertelköter“ = Köter with less land,
„Brinksitzer“ = small farmer on the outskirts of the village,
„Anbauer“ = farmer on newly cultivated land,
„Grundheuermann“ = farm hand with own house on non-inherent land,
„Heuermann, Heuerling“ = farm hand without own house,
„Häusling“ = person without own house,
„Dienstknecht, Knecht“ = farm hand.

1. Teyleke HOBBING, *around 1400 Linswege, Hausmann.
Teyleke HOBBING is the oldest known ancestor of these families „HOBBIE from Linswege“ and thus – as described above – the top ancestor, who worked as a free heredity farmer on the still today family owned farm. Further family data are not known to him.

2. Johan? HOBBING, *around 1430 Linswege, Hausmann.
Between Teyleke HOBBING, mentioned in 1428, and Reyneke HOBBING, mentioned in 1509 as the father of Hille HOBBING, another generation must probably have existed. The first name could have been „Johan“.

3. Reyneke HOBBING, *around 1460 Linswege, Hausmann.
He probably had at least three children who reached adulthood and got married. Hille HOBBING (*around 1487) married Dietrich Bolen (*about 1480) from Groß-Garnholt according to a document of the monastery Rastede from 27 September 1509 in Rastede, but remained free herself as well as one of her children. Johan HOBBING (*around 1495) will have been named the heir to the farm, who is indirectly documented by his sons. A subsequent son Reincke HOBBING (around 1500-around 1560) is indirectly explained by the appearance of the HOBBIE family in Zetel from 1581. There, the older heredity farmer Johann HOBBIE is named 1582 in the land allotment from embankments and two Reincke HOBBEIE in the defence recruitment register of 1581. Due to the same first names in the male succession, descent from the Linswegers is probable, but so far not documented and verifiable. See further information at „HOBBIE from Zetel„.

4. Johan HOBBING, *around 1495 Linswege, Hausmann.
He presumably had at least the two sons Reincke HOBBING (around 1530-around 1603) as heir of the farm, see 5.a), and Sieveke HOBBING (around 1540-around 1635), see 5.b).

5. a) Reincke HOBBING, *around 1530 Linswege, +around 1603, Hausmann.
In 1581 he is mentioned in the defence recruitment register of Westerstede as heredity farmer with two farm hands. Accordingly, his son Johan HOBBY (around 1570- after 1642), see 6.a), was still too young for defence service.

5. b) Sieveke HOBBING, *around 1540 Linswege, +around 1635, Köter.
He is mentioned 1581 in the defence recruitment register of Westerstede. In the „Weinkaufregister“ (recording of all legal contracts) for 1623-1639 on page 35 under „Linsswegenn“ (probably in the year 1635) is noted: „Hobbie Sieveken has reached his age on one hundred years. Has died and his son Gerth is supposed to sell the Coederey with 2 1/2 Reichsthaler“. For Gerth HOBBIE(*around 1570) see 6.b).

6. a) Johann HOBBY, *around 1570 Linswege, +after 1635, Hausmann.
He is listed in the defence recruitment register 1632. In the „Weinkaufregister“ 1623-1639 on page 34 under „Linsswegenn“ (presumably in the year 1635) is noted: „Johan Hobbie has a whole free inheritance. Pays his „Weinkauf“ (contract fee) in 1603 and still lives.“ He married around 1603 Talke Ahlers (around 1580- after 08.06.1642) from Bockhorn. To her it says in „Eheverträge, Testamente und sonstige Urkunden von Westerstede“ by Gerd Janssen: „Talke Hobby, daughter of late Brunke Alers from Bockhorn, lets record on 08.06.1642 in view of her weakness before the witnesses among others Johan Hobby that her brother, the late Johan Alers withheld the promised bridal treasure from her“. They had at least one son. Johann HOBBY (around 1610-1677) was the farm heir, see 7.a).

6. b) Gerth HOBBIE, *around 1570 Linswege, Köter.
He probably had at least two sons. For Rencke HOBBI (1597-1674) see 7b). For Siefke HOBBY (around 1600-1674) see 7.c). Like his brother, he is listed as „sick“ in the defence recruitment register of 03.01.1653.

7. a) Johann HOBBY, *around 1610 Linswege, +09.11.1677 ibid., Hausmann.
He married Talcke NN (1615-1699) around 1636 and had at least three children with her. The assignment and whereabouts of Rencke HOBBI (*around 1637) are unclear. Johann HOBBY (1650-1717) is the farm heir, see 8). The assignment and whereabouts of Hille HOBBY (*05.11.1662 Linswege) are unclear.

7. b) Rencke HOBBY, *1597 Linswege, +03.02.1674 ibid., Köter.
He married in first marriage around 1620, Hille NN (around 1600-08.02.1655) and had with her at least two children. The whereabouts of Gerd HOBBIE (around 1620-1677 Linswege) and Anna HOBBIE (around 1625-1669 Linswege) are unknown. To his second marriage around 1656 with Grete NN (*around 1630-1676) no children are known.

7. c) Siefke HOBBY- SIEVKEN, *around 1600 Linswege, +16.01.1674 ibid., Köter.
He married Talke Schroers (*around 1620) from Linswege in 1642 and had with her at least two sons, who also were called „Hobbe-Siveken“ or „Hobby-Siefken“ in distinction to the main family. Thus he became the founder of the extensive secondary line „Hobbiesiefken“ of the families „HOBBIE aus Linswege“, which is described further and in detail under „Hobbiesiefken„.

8. Johann HOBBY, *around 1650 Linswege, +20.08.1717 ibid., Hausmann.
He married Anna Ehlers (1653-1721) from Linswege in 1674 and had four children with her, at least three of whom had married. Johann HOBBY (1675-1738) was the farm heir, see 9.). The whereabouts of Renke HOBBY (*1678) are unknown so far. Talke HOBBY (1683-1708) married Johann Hövedes (1672-1748) from Linswege in 1703. Anna Margarete Hobbie (1686-1759) married the widowed Hinrich Basenbrunken (1678-1748) from Linswege in 1705.

9. Johann HOBBY, *12.12.1675 Linswege, +09.07.1738 ibid., Hausmann.
He married Hille Frercks (1680-1705) in his first childless marriage in 1699. In second marriage 1705 with Gesche Stiefs (1688-1746) from Hüllstede he had 6 children, 5 of whom reached adulthood and married. Johann HOBBY (1708-1743) married in 1739 in Westerstede Anna Cathrine Theilen (1720-1792) from Bockhorn, with whom he had a son Johann HOBBY who died as a baby in 1743. Anna Margarethe HOBBY (1711-1783) married in 1729 Rencke Hemmy (1702-1743) from Linswege. Renke HOBBY (1714-1770) was the farm heir, see 10). Friedrich HOBBY (1720-1779) married in 1747 in Westerstede Anne Liesebeth Ficken (1727-1804) from Aschhausen and took the name Hanken. Gerdt HOBBY (1724-1811) married Anna Schröer (1738-1786) from Torsholt in 1755 and took the name Schöer.

10. Renke HOBBY, *04.08.1714 Linswege, +07.03.1770 ibid., Hausmann.
He married 1741 in Westerstede Anna Tapken (1720-1787) from Wiefelstede and had with her four children, of which three reached adulthood and married. Gesche HOBBY (1742-1800) married 1762 Oltmann Gottfried Bohms (1733-1800) from Petersfeld. Anna Margrethe HOBBY (1745-1774) married Eylerdt Frers (1738-1814) from Linswege in 1767. Johann HOBBY (1755-1824) was the farm heir.

11. Johann HOBBY, *23.04.1755 Linswege, +15.09.1824 ibid., Hausmann.
He married Helene Catharine Gertje (1755-1781) in his first marriage in 1776 and had two children with her. Renke HOBBY (1777-1851) was the farm heir, see 12.a). Johann ‚Friedrich‘ HOBBJE (1780-1846) had numerous descendants, see 12.b).
In second marriage he married the younger sister of his deceased wife, Anna Catharine Gertje (1762-1826) in 1782, and had four children with her, of which only three reached adulthood.  Johann HOBBJE (1783-1808) died in Varel, further information is not yet known. Gerd HOBBJE (1790-1816) was called up for military service in the Russian-German Legion by Napoleon’s army and reported missing on 11.03.1816. Anna Trine HOBBJE (1792-1871) married in 1814 the Brinksitzer Gerd Diedrich Albers (1787-1842) of Westerstede.

12. a) Renke HOBBY, *05.08.1777 Linswege, +25.05.1851 ibid., Hausmann.
He married Anna ‚Elisabeth‘ Möhlmann (1787-1859) from Hüllstede in 1805 and had 5 children with her. Helene Catharine HOBBIE (1806-1884) married 1829 the Heuermann Johann ‚Friederich‘ Meieroltmanns (1803-1850). Anna Elisabeth HOBBIE (1808-1856) married in 1833 the Hausmann Hermann Christian Jaspers (1798-1875) from Fikensolt. Johann HOBBIE (1811-1887) was the farm heir, see 13.a). For Dierk HOBBIE (1816-1869) see 13.b). Anna Catharine HOBBIE (1823-1898) married the Hausmann Friedrich Ehlers (1810-1874) from Hüllstede in 1842. Anna Catharine EHLERS née HOBBIE followed her younger children to Missouri/USA after the death of her husband.

12. b) Johann ‚Friedrich‘ HOBBJE, *13.07.1780 Linswege, +01.10.1846 ibid., Köter.
He married 1803 Wübke Margarethe Schröer (1784-1832) from Linswege and had 11 children with her, 8 of them married. On Johann HOBJE (1804-1849) see 13.c). Helene Catharine HOBBIE (1807-1885) married in 1832 the Heuermann and tailor Gerd Diederich Hanje (1807-1871) from Hüllstede. Gesche Margrethe HOBBIE (1809-1880) married Friedrich Theilsiefje (1801-1865) in 1836. Anna Cathrine HOBBIE (1811-1864) married Gerd Wilken (1808-1865), a Heuermann, in 1844. For Gerd HOBBIE (1813-1885) see 13.d). Anna Elisabeth HOBBIE (1815-1861) married Johann Kramer (1817- 1907) from Gristede in Westerstede in 1845. Also in 1845 Lena HOBBIE (1821-1903) married in Westerstede the farmer Johann Hinrich Meyer (1813-1900) from Spohle. Anna ‚Maria‘ HOBBIE (1826-1911) married in 1857 in Westerstede Johann Gerhard Janßen-Ficken (1825-before 1911) from Tange.

The following Oldenburg Vogteikarte shows to scale the patrimony „Hobbie“, the Köterei „Hobbie“ and the settlement of Linswege at this time.

Stammhaus & Köterei in Linswege in Vogteikarte from 1793
Oldenburg Vogteikarte von 1793 (Copyright: LGLN Niedersachsen)

13. a) Johann HOBBIE, *08.04.1811 Linswege, +09.03.1887 ibid., Hausmann.
He married Gesche Margarete Dierks (1816-1899) from Burgforde in 1841 and had 6 children with her, 5 of whom reached adulthood and married. Diedrich Johann HOBBIE (1841-1911) was the farm heir, see 14.a). For Johann ‚Gerhard‘ HOBBIE (1846-1921) see 14.b). For Georg HOBBIE (1849-1926) see 14.c). Anna ‚Elise‘ HOBBIE (1849-1930) married the carpenter and farmer Christian Friedrich Brüggemann (1847-1930) in 1879 and emigrated with him to California in 1871. Johann HOBBIE (1852-1942) emigrated to California in 1880 and in 1888 married Anna Johanne Gesine Langerenken (1860-1941) from Zetel, who emigrated in 1887 already.

13. b) Dierk „Diedrich“ HOBBIE, *08.07.1816 Linswege, +21.04.1869 Varel, teacher and administrator.
He married in 1841 Anna Elisabeth Hammie (1819-1891) from Hüllstede and had 6 children with her. For Theodor August HOBBIE (1842-1882) see 14.d). Georg Reinhard HOBBIE (1844-1928) married before 1901 Mathilde Cahn (*before 1880) from Wuppertal-Elberfeld and had with her a son Reinhard HOBBIE (1901- after 1930). For Johann ‚August‘ Ludwig HOBBIE (1848-1913) see 14.e). For Karl Diedrich HOBBIE (1850-1913) see 14.f). Johanna Elise Marie HOBBIE (1853-1898) married around 1878 in the USA Hermann Landwehr (around 1850- after 1898). Anna ‚Elise‘ Helene HOBBIE (1858-1951) married in 1890 in Red Cloud County, KS, USA Johann Wilhelm Emil Ötken (1858-1943) from Westerstede.

13. c) Johann HOBJE, *19.09.1804 Linswege, +22.08.1849 ibid., Köter and turner.
In his first marriage in 1837 he married Anna Margarete Börjes (1808-1838) from Linswege and had with her a daughter who died as a child. In his second marriage he married Lene Hilfers (1817-1893) from Lindern in 1842 and had four children with her, one of whom reached adulthood. Marie Elise HOBBIE (1850-1933) married Johann Diedrich Hedenkamp (1850- after 1933) in 1876.

13. d) Gerd HOBBIE, *08.04.1813 Linswege, +24.01.1885 Torsholterfeld, Heuermann  and Anbauer.
He married in first marriage 1843 Wübke Helene Gerdes (1816-1844) and had with her a daughter who died as a child. In second marriage he married 1845 Talke Margarethe Schröer (1819-1880) from Gießelhorst and had with her three sons, two of whom reached adulthood. For Friedrich HOBBIE (1845-1905) see 14.g). Gerd HOBBIE (1858-1939) had married Auguste Friederike Albers (1863-1945) from Leer in Oldenburg in 1892 and had three daughters with her.

14. a) Diedrich Johann HOBBIE, *19.12.1841 Linswege, +01.04.1911 ibid., Hausmann.
He married 1869 Wilhelmine Louise Siefken (1844-1914) from Halsbek and had with her two sons. Johann Gerhard Wilhelm HOBBIE (1870-1949) was the farm heir, see 15.a). For Carl ‚August‘ HOBBIE (1875-1916) see 15.b).

14. b) Johann ‚Gerhard‘ HOBBIE, *18.01.1846 Linswege, +1921 Petaluma County, CA, USA, farmer.
He married 1880 in Westerstede Lena „Helen“ Boltjes (1854-1937) from Linswege and emigrated with her directly after the wedding to California. They had a son John Frederick HOBBIE (1881-1964), who married Theresa Zimmermann (1879-1965) in 1905 and had three daughters with her.

14. c) Georg HOBBIE, *07.06.1849 Linswege, +26.08.1926 Oldenburg, Köter und carpenter.
He married Anna Barklage (1858-1925) from Osterscheps in Zwischenahn in 1878 and had 7 children with her, 5 of whom reached adulthood and married. Anna ‚Marie‘ HOBBIE (1882-1976) married in 1906 in Zwischenahn Johann Hinrich Bentjen (1876-before 1976) from Halfstede. About Hermann HOBBIE (1884-1971) see 15.c). Lina HOBBIE (1888-1985) had an illegitimate son Gustav HOBBIE (1905-1926), who emigrated to California in 1925, and married Johann Theilen (1883-1968) from Elmendorf in Zwischenahn in 1911. Anna HOBBIE (1890-1974) married in 1909 in Zwischenahn Bernhard Heinrich Schroeder (1881-before 1974) from Aschhauserfeld. For Heinrich „Henry“ Wilhelm HOBBIE (1897-1976) see 15.d).

14. d) Theodor August HOBBIE, *27.08.1842 Seghorn, +14.03.1882 Osborne County, KS, USA, farmer.
He married 1873 in Varel Elise ‚Hermine‘ Ahlers (1846-1897) from Borgstede and had with her 6 children, of which at least 5 reached adulthood and married. For Edward Dietrich HOBBIE (1875-1943) see 15.e). For Ernest N. HOBBIE (1877-1950) see 15.f). Elsie HOBBIE (1879-1964) married Henry F. Ritz (*about 1875) in 1903 in Osborne County, KS, USA. Walter Marvin HOBBIE (1882-1953) was married before 1930 to Hannah Louise Newquist (1884-1937) and after 1937 to Della M. Holton (*about 1885), both marriages remained childless.

14. e) Johann ‚August‘ Ludwig HOBBIE, 11.01.1848 Obenstrohe, +18.11.1913 Hanover, KS, USA, cattle breeder.
He married Marie Dorothea Gerhardine Ötken (1851-1945) from Westerstede in 1873 and had 8 children with her, 5 of whom reached adulthood and married. Anna Elise HOBBIE (1875-1959) married John Frank Cordel (about 1870-1948) in 1899 in Mankato County, KS, USA. Ella H. HOBBIE (1879-1903) married Harry Carl Newquist (1873-1940) in Mitchell County, KS, USA in 1898. For Alfred John HOBBIE (1882-1966) see 15.g). Hobert Emil HOBBIE (1890-1981) married Esther Ankrom (around 1895) in his first marriage in 1929 in St. Charles, MI, USA and Eloise Montre Crole (1907-1994) in his second marriage around 1945, both marriages remained childless. For George Dietrich HOBBIE (1893-1949) see 15.h).

14. f) Karl Diedrich „Charles“ HOBBIE, *18.03.1850 Obenstrohe, +01.04.1913 Osborne County, KS, USA, farmer.
He married Elise Hermine Ahlers (1846-1897) in Osborne County, KS, USA in his first marriage around 1885 and had with her a son Rudolph Elmer HOBBIE (1887-1934), who married in 1910 in Stewartsville, DeKalb County, MO, USA, Laura May Ehlers (1888-1973) and had three daughters with her.
In his second marriage he married Rosa Dorothea Guhn (1868-1957) from Hinsted (Schleswig-Holstein) in 1899 in Tipton County, KS, USA and had four children with her: for Harry Dietrich HOBBIE (1901-1982) see 15.k). For Louis John HOBBIE (1902-1996) see 15.m). For Werner George HOBBIE (1904-1949) see 15.n). Alice Elizabeth HOBBIE (1905-1983) married the farmer and cattle breeder Louis Christian Albrecht (1904-1989) in 1927 and lived with him in Downs, Osborne County, KS, USA.

14. g) Friedrich HOBBIE, *30.08.1845 Linswege, *20.08.1905 Torsholt, Heuermann and Anbauer.
He married Helene Bruns (1843-1916) from Elmendorf in Westerstede in 1867 and had 6 children with her, four of whom reached adulthood and married. Helene HOBBIE (1869-1953) married Johann Alerd Ficken (*1862) from Aschhauserfeld in Zwischenahn in 1897. Anna Elise HOBBIE (1872-1922) married Georg Diedrich Ehlers (1876-after 1922) from Westerloy in 1897. For Gerhard HOBBIE (1878-1959) see 15.o). Helene Sophie HOBBIE (1878-1965) married Johann Leffers (1878- after 1965) from Felde in 1903.

15. a) Johann Gerhard Wilhelm HOBBIE, *17.05.1870 Linswege, +06.10.1949 Petersfeld, Hausmann and forester.
He married 1895 Sophie ‚Louise‘ Friederike Lanje (1867-1950) from Westerloy and had with her three children: Wilhelmine Helene ‚Louise‘ HOBBIE (*1896) married 1929 in Westerstede the merchant Karl Friedrich Kurt Traumann (*1897) from Wilhelmshaven. For Diedrich Gerhard HOBBIE (1899-1985) see 16.a). Anna Johanne HOBBIE (*1902) married Carl August Wilhelm Hübner (1893-1981), a bank representative from Leer, in Varel in 1932.

15. b) Carl ‚August‘ HOBBIE, *29.05.1875 Linswege, +11.09.1916 Dünaburg, Russia, farmer.
He married Anna Hermine Tietjen (1884-1960) from Hüllstede in 1905 and had three children with her. For Gustav HOBBIE (1906-1984) see 16.b). Anna Margarete HOBBIE (1908-1950) married Karl-Ernst Rudolf Adolf Dierich (1907-1968) from Freiburg (Breisgau) in 1935 and lived with him last in Sindelfingen. On Ernst August HOBBIE (1911-1986) see 16.c).

15. c) Hermann HOBBIE, *21.04.1884 Elmendorf, +09.07.1971 ibid., carpenter.
He married in 1911 in Zwischenahn Anna Helene Bohemann (1888-1963) and had with her the children Georg Diedrich HOBBIE (1912-1985), Anna ‚Johanne‘ HOBBIE (1913-1991) and Johann ‚Diedrich‘ HOBBIE (1921-1987).

15. d) Heinrich „Henry“ Wilhelm HOBBIE, *18.03.1897 Elmendorf, +06.02.1976 Alameda, CA, USA.
He emigrated to California in 1911, married around 1925 Beth NN (1909-2010) from Ireland and had with her at least one son John HOBBIE (*around 1927).

15. e) Edward Dietrich HOBBIE, *12.12.1875 Osborne County, KS, USA, +Feb. 1943 ibid., farmer, cattle breeder.
He married 1903 in Mitchell County, KS, USA Mathilda Henriette Christine Albrecht (1881-1977) and had with her four children, two of whom married. Donald Henry HOBBIE (1907-1996) married Alice Katherine McLane (1908-1985) in 1934 and had two daughters with her. Laurine Anna HOBBIE (1911-1973) married Harvey Efken (*around 1919) in 1940.

15. f) Ernest N. HOBBIE, *13.04.1877 Osborne, KS, USA, +21.04.1950 Petaluma County, CA, USA, company owner.
He married Hanna Lohrmann (1881-1967) from Oakland, CA, USA in Petaluma, CA, USA in 1904 and had her two sons George Ernest HOBBIE (1905-2003) and Walter John HOBBIE (1907-1989).

15. g) Alfred John HOBBIE, *08.02.1882 OsborneCounty, KS, USA, +24.06.1966 Cawker City, Mitchell County, KS, farmer.
He married Fannie Louise Ehlers (1882-1965) in 1910 and had four children with her: Wilma Margaret HOBBIE (1914-2000), Melvin Dwight HOBBIE (1917-1944), Marcella Genevieve HOBBIE (1918-1986) and Kermit Blair HOBBIE (1920-1983).

15. h) George Dietrich HOBBIE, *23.10.1893 Tipton, Mitchell County, +02.02.1949, Beloit, Mitchell County, carpenter.
He married in 1918 in Tipton, KS, USA Maria Anna Hattie Emma Sackhoff (1897-1982) and had with her 5 children: Evelyn Victoria HOBBIE (1919-2003), Kenneth Leroy HOBBIE (1920-2006), George J. HOBBIE (1922-2005), Carl Dwayne HOBBIE (1924-2011) and Dwight James HOBBIE (1933-1989).

15. k) Harry Dietrich HOBBIE, *27.03.1901 Tipton, Mitchell County, +May 1982, Englewood, Arapahoe County, CO, USA.
He married in 1935 in Golden County, CO, USA Elizabeth May Bowen (1899-1975) from Lawrence, KS, USA.

15. m) Louis John HOBBIE, *05.05.1902 Tipton, Mitchell County, +05.09.1996 Lincoln County, KS, farmer and carpenter.
He married Selma Emma Albrecht (1905-1998) from Bloom Township, Osborne County, KS, USA in 1937 and had two daughters with her.

15. n) Werner „Warren“ George HOBBIE, *05.03.1904 Tipton, Mitchell County, +17.03.1949 Colby County, KS.
He married 1927 in Tipton Mayme Reich (1903-1949) and had with her at least one son Duane August HOBBIE (1930-1988).

15. o) Gerhard HOBBIE, *08.11.1878 Torsholtermoor, +23.11.1959 Westerstede, construction worker.
He married in 1905 in Westerstede Alertjelina Wilhelmina Kannegieser (1879-1959) from Heisfelde.

16. a) Diedrich Gerhard HOBBIE, *24.06.1899 Linswege, +13.11.1985, Rhododendron breeder.
He married Eta Friederike Agena (1906-1993) from Bunderhee in 1930 and had four daughters with her.

16. b) Gustav HOBBIE, *08.03.1906 Linswege, +24.06.1984 Westerstede, farmer.
He married Emma Luise Klarmann (1907-1984) from Linswege in Westerstede in 1943 and had two children with her.

16. c) Ernst August HOBBIE, *12.02.1911 Linswege, +02.08.1986 Westerstede, farmer.
He married Frieda Helene Heibült (1914-1966) from Eggeloge around 1940 and had four children with her.


Further information, also on children not listed here, deceased or unmarried, as well as on other descendants after 1900, if known and (e.g. in the case of living persons) not data-protected, may be provided on request, see Contact.