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Main dissemination of the HOBBIE-families




Almost all of these bearers of the name live either in the USA (60%) or in Germany (25%), only 15% are found in Great Britain and in the „Rest of the World“.

Today there are only about 5,000 people in the world who bear the names HOBBIE and HOBBEN, and almost all of them have their roots either in Great Britain or Germany. Today the family name HOBBIE is used by about 1,000 people, another 3,500 use the spelling HOBBY, and only a few dozen each write HOBBJE, HOBJE, HOBIE, HOBI, HOBBEN, HOBBING or HOBBIEJANSSEN. Of the HOBBIEBRUNKEN, HOBBIESIEFKEN and HOBBENSIEFKEN families, about 100 persons each live today, the names HOBBIEGERDES, HOBBIEOETJEN and HOBBIEOLTMANNS have expired.