Families with the surnames HOBBIE, HOBBIEBRUNKEN, HOBBIOLTMANNS and HOBBJE have their origin in Hollwege. The name HOBBIE is also used by the descendants of several other ancestral lines.

Topographic Map from Hollwege (TK50-1998)
Topographic Map 1:50.000 (Copyright: LGLN Niedersachsen)

The village Hollwege lies about 2 km northwest of Westerstede and is today part of the municipality Westerstede. In 1107 the „Domicila Holewide in Ammeren“ was an estate of the monastery Corvey. From 1440 onwards, the city of Oldenburg was home to councilman and later builder Diderik van Holwede, who later adopted the name Stynt. In a tax book, the „Oldenburger Salbuch“, the Minister of Duke Moritz von Oldenburg, Jacob Scheinheise (called Specken after marriage), noted around 1428/1450 that Hanneke HOBBING from „Holwede“ had to pay a tax of 1 guilder. Hanneke is a modification of Johann, the most common first name in Ammerland. And the „ing-form“ of the early surname suggests that the farm name HOBBING was in use in Hollwege before the 15th century. In the early land title books of the 17th century the patrimony HOBBIE is called farm Nr. 10 and is located in the centre of Hollwege. Thus this Hollweger family is one of the three to four oldest ancestral lines of the HOBBIE families.

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The families „HOBBIE from Hollwege“ until around 1920

The spelling of the names mainly follows the baptismal registers and documents. The German names for farmers and farm hands are retained and are to be interpreted as follows:
„Hausmann“ = farmer with a long-established hereditary farm, first settlers in a village,
„Köter“ = farmer with a smaller, later founded farm,
„Halbköter, Viertelköter“ = Köter with less land,
„Brinksitzer“ = small farmer on the outskirts of the village,
„Anbauer“ = farmer on newly cultivated land,
„Grundheuermann“ = farm hand with own house on non-inherent land,
„Heuermann, Heuerling“ = farm hand without own house,
„Häusling“ = person without own house,
„Dienstknecht, Knecht“ = farm hand.

1. Hanneke HOBBING, *around 1400 Hollwege, Hausmann.
Hanneke HOBBING is the oldest known ancestor of these families „HOBBIE from Hollwege“ and thus – as described above – the top ancestor who worked as a taxable heredity farmer on the family farm until 1907. Further family data are not known to him.

Between Hanneke HOBBING (*about 1400) and Reineke HOBBING (*about 1530), who is listed in 1581 in the defence recruitment register, some authors read Meineke HOBBING, about three further generations must have lived.

5. Reineke or Meineke HOBBING, *around 1530 Hollwege, +around 1585 ibid., Hausmann.
This great-great grandson of Hanneke HOBBING is described 1581 in the Westersteder defence recruitment register as „paralyzed and impoverished“.

6. Didtrich HOBBY, *around 1570 Hollwege, +before 13.01.1631 ibid., Hausmann.
He is named as father in the „Marriage Contract Johan Festye & Hille Hobby dated 10.08.1635“ and in the „Marriage Contract (Engagement) Syvcke Meinen & Gesche Hobbye dated 13.01.1631“ (the latter regulated among other things the dowry of Gesches brother Didtrich as farm heir and the inheritance case). He married around 1598 Hille NN (around 1575-1643) and had four children with her. Diedrich HOBBY (1600-1666) became heir to the court. Hille HOBBY (around 1605-1666) married Johan Festye (*around 1610) from Hollwege in 1635. Gesche HOBBY (around 1608-1675) married Syvcke Meinen (around 1605-1643) from Halsbek in 1631. Oltmann HOBBY (around 1614-1666) became the founder of the side line „Hobbieoltmanns„, see there.

7. Diedrich HOBBY, *1600 Hollwege, +01.09.1666 ibid., Hausmann.
He is mentioned in the defence recruitment register 1632 as „Dietrich Hobbie“ or „Dierich“, 1653 as „Dierk Hobbi with a Musquete“, 1657 as „Dierk Hobben with son Dierk“ and 1665 as Diedrich Hobbi. In the „Weinkaufregister“ (recording of all legal contracts)  1623-1639 on page 27 under „Hollweger“ (presumably in the year 1626) it reads approximately: „Diedrich Hobbie has a whole free inheritance, but is in debt. He shall sell half now and half at Martini (November 10) Anno in 1627 in curing 20 Reichsthaler.“ He died of the plague.
He married Hille Clessen (about 1609-1660) from Hollwege according to the marriage contract of 18.03.1633 and had 6 children with her, four of whom reached adulthood and married. Gesche HOBBY (around 1634-1687) married in 1658 the Köter Gerd Lamken (about1630-1701) from Eggeloge and had with him a daughter. Dirk HOBBY (1635-1705) was the farm heir. Hille HOBBY (1641-1709) married in 1664 Brunke Vahrs (about1634-1701) from Hollwege and had with him three children. Brunke HOBBY (1644-1716) became the founder of the significant sideline „Hobbiebrunken„, see there.

8. Dirk HOBBY, *13.09.1635 Hollwege, +13.06.1705 ibid., Hausmann.
He is named in the defence recruitment register of 1657 as „Son Dierk of Dierk Hobben“, 1665 as „Diedrich Hobbi“ (sometimes also „Dierich“), in the tax register of 1679/1681 as „Dierk Hobby“ and in the land title register of 1693 as „Dirck Hobby“. He married 1664 Almet Meinen (about 1640-after 1680) from Halsbek and had with her 6 children, of which at least four married. Hille HOBBY (1665-1720) married the Köter Dierk Willers (1659-1729) from Hollwege. Dirk HOBBY (1669-1742) was the heir to the farm, see 9.a). Gesche HOBBY (1671-1727) married Rolf Hasy (*around 1665) from Westerloy in 1700. The whereabouts of Sieveke HOBBY (*1673) and Brunke HOBBY (*1677) are still unknown. Frerk HOBBY (1680-1720) had numerous offspring, see 9.b).

9. a) Dirk HOBBY, *20.05.1669 Hollwege, +11.10.1742 ibid., Hausmann.
He married 1696 Hille Siemens (1674-1736) from Hollwege and had with her five children, of which at least three married. Hille HOBBY (1697-1759) married the Hausmann Ottcke Lüers (1691-1770) from Ocholt in 1719. Frerk HOBBY (1705-1766) had numerous descendants, see 10.a). Dierk HOBBY (1706-1766) was heir to the farm, see 10.b).

9. b) Frerk HOBBY, *15.06.1680 Hollwege, +04.02.1720 ibid.
In his first marriage in 1711 he married Maria Siefken (1685-1716) from Linswege and had with her two children who died early. From second marriage 1717 in Westerstede with Talke Dierks (1695-1757) from Westerscheps he had two children, of which only Frerk HOBBY (1720-1779) reached adulthood and had numerous descendants. See below families Hobbie-Hobbje in Gießelhorst, Espern and Südedewecht.

10. a) Frerk HOBBY named WARNS, *Aug. 1705 Hollwege, 08.10.1766 Burgforde.
He married Talke Warns (1714-1803) from Burgforde in 1735 and took the name Warns. Nevertheless, some of the 5 children also bore the name Hobby and at least four married. Wübke HOBBY called WARNS (1736-1808) married around 1760 the Hüllsteder school owner Friedrich Ahrens. Diedrich HOBBY called also WARNS (1738-before 1826) inherited the Hobbie-farm, see 11.). Anton WARNS (1745-1822) married the miller’s daughter Catharine Marie Sagemüller (1745-1794) from Bockhorn in Bockhorn in 1772, became mill tenant in Bohlenberge with numerous descendants and died in Friedeburg. Helena HOBBY (1748-1815) married in 1779 the widowed Köter Frerk Renken (1752-1819), also called Krömer, from Mansie.

10. b) Dierk HOBBY, *30.06.1706 Hollwege, +29.10.1766, ibid., Hausmann.
He married in first marriage 1726 Grete Heidkross (1705-1742) from Felde, in second marriage 1743 Helena Mohrburg (1721-1787) from Moorburg, both marriages remained childless. Therefore the family of his brother Frerk (1705-1766), who had the Warn’sche Köterei in Burgforde and called himself Warns, received this patrimony.

11. Diedrich HOBBY called also WARNS, *22.07.1738 Burgforde, +28.02.1815, Hollwege, Hausmann.
He also called himself Warns and after the death of his aunt Helena Hobby nee Mohrburg, who had lifelong usufruct, he took over the Hobbie’sche farm in Hollwege in 1787 and called himself since then again „Diedrich Hobbie“, in the land register „Dierk Hobby“ called. In 1768 he married Anna Catharina Lüers (1745-1826) from Ocholt and had 8 children with her, of which at least 5 reached adulthood and at least three married. Helene WARNS (1774-1853) married in 1799 in Westerstede the Köter Johann Diederich Janßen (1770-1829). Johann Friedrich WARNS called HOBBIE (1778-1841) became heir of the Hobbie-farm, see 12.). Brunke HOBBIE (1785-1859) married Wübke Helene Schmidt (1792-1865) aus Hollwege in Westerstede in 1826, was Köter in Burgforde and had with her at least one son Johann Diederich Warns (1827-1843). Johann Diedrich WARNS (1788-1858) was married childless to Gebke Margarethe Renken (1789-1842) in 1814, in second marriage 1848 with Talke Lene Wilken (1810-1880) he had two daughters Gebke Margarethe Warns (1843-1918) and Anna Catharine Warns (1847-1914).

The following Oldenburg Vogteikarte shows to scale the heredity farm „Hobbie“, the Köterei „Hobbieoltmanns“ and the settlement of Hollwege at that time.

Farms in Hollwege in Vogteikarte from 1793
Oldenburg Vogteikarte von 1793 (Copyright: LGLN Niedersachsen)

12. Johann Friedrich WARNS gen. HOBBIE, *06.11.1778 Burgforde, +17.04.1841 Hollwege, Hausmann.
From 1803 he was registered as owner of the Hobbie farm in Hollwege and married three times. He married in first marriage 1802 Talke Helene Mohrburg (1776-1825) from Moorburg and had with her 6 children who all died young. The second marriage in 1826 in Westerstede with Helene Boiken (1792-1831) from Apen remained childless. In his third marriage he married Wübke Sophie Warns (1804-1864) from Hollwege in 1831 and had three children with her. Helene HOBBIE (1835-1915) married the Hausmann Johann Hermann Heinrich Jaspers (1828-1918) from Fikensolt. Johann Friedrich HOBBIE (1837-1883) was heir to the farm, see 13.a). For Johann Diedrich HOBBIE (1840-1884) see 13.b).

13. a) Johann Friedrich HOBBIE, *14.05.1837 Hollwege, +14.05.1883 ibid., Hausmann and miller.
After the death of his father he was registered as heir of the Hobbie-farm, married in 1864 Helene Sophie Bohlken (1847-1912) from Neuengland and had with her two children, of which only Helene Sophie HOBBIE (*1868) reached adulthood and married the assistant teacher Karl Heinrich August Addicks (*1864) from Dedesdorf and moved to Nethen. After the death of his father-in-law in 1891, her husband is entered in the land register as the owner. In 1907 the farm passed to W. Fittje and thus into the possession of other families.

13. b) Johann Diedrich HOBBIE, *07.03.1840 Hollwege, +29.09.1884 Halstrup, Köter.
In 1866 he married Anna Margarethe Hupens (1844-1935) from Hollwege and had 5 children with her, three of whom reached adulthood and married. Johann ‚Diedrich‘ HOBBIE (1870-1952) emigrated 1789 to Illinois, see 14.). Helene Sophie HOBBIE (1872-1963) married the widowed innkeeper Christian Georg Oltmanns (1856-1903) from Hollwege in her first marriage in 1896, and in her second marriage in 1906 her half nephew Johann Diedrich Oltmanns (1878-before 1963) from Hollwege. Heinrich HOBBIE (1875-1970) arrived on 07.12.1900 with the ship „Friedrich the Great“ in New York, married Anna C. NN (*1885), born in Germany, in the USA in 1904 and became a farmer in Moody County, SD, USA. The marriage apparently remained childless.

14. Johann ‚Diedrich‘ „Dick“ HOBBIE, *14.03.1870 Burgforde, +07.09.1952 Moody County, SD, USA, farmer.
He arrived as a 19-year-old farmer „Diedrich Hobbie“ on 22.08.1889 with the ship „Hermann“ from Bremen in Baltimore and was called from now on „Dick“. He married 1894 in Winnebago, IL Sophie Dierks (*Febr. 1870), who was still born in Germany, and settled since 1895 in South Dakota. He had 7 children with her, all of whom married and had further descendants: Martha M. HOBBIE (1895-1989) married the farmer and music teacher Algie Faris (about 1893-1956) in 1920 in her first marriage and had at least with him two daughters, in a late second marriage 1961 George Rhoads (about 1892-1985). Anna Rose HOBBIE (1896-after 1998) married Reiner J. Ernst (1896-1969) from Iowa in 1925 in Flandreau, Moody County, SD, USA and had at least one son with him. For George M. HOBBIE (1898-1998) see 15.a). Sophie HOBBIE (1901-1984) married John Ernst in 1931 in Flandreau (1900-after 1984). For Ernest R. HOBBIE (1903-after 1998) see 15.b). For Oscar Vincent HOBBIE (1907-1997) see 15.c). For his twin brother Walter R. HOBBIE (1907-1997) see 15.d).

15. a) George M. HOBBIE, *28.10.1898 South Dakota, USA, +12.02.1998 Flandreau Moody County, SD, farmer.
He married 1926 in Sibley, Osceola County, IA, USA Kate Ernst (1899-1995) from there and had three children with him.

15. b) Ernest R. HOBBIE, *05.12.1903 Moody County, SD, +after 1998, farmer and reverend.
He married Pauline L. (1923-after 1998) around 1945.

15. c) Oscar Vincent HOBBIE, *05.07.1907 Moody County, SD, +03.06.1997, Flandreau, Moody County, SD, farmer.
He married Matilde Catherine Volquardsen (1913-2007) from Flandreau in 1933 and had 9 children with her.

15. d) Walter R. HOBBIE, *05.07.1907 Moody County, SD, +11.01.1997, Brookings, SD, farm worker.
He married Gladys G. Rasmus (around 1910-1986) in Aberdeen, WA, USA in 1945 and had three children with her.


Families Hobbie-Hobbje in Gießelhorst, Espern and Südedewecht

10. Frerk HOBBY, *05.03.1720 Hollwege, +30.10.1779 Westerstede.
He married 1744 Gesche Hoffmann (1724-1812) from Apen and had with her five children. Thalcke Sophie HOBBY (1744-1830) married her cousin of the 4th degree, the Köter Dierk Hobby-Oltmanns (1748-1829). Friedrich HOBBIE (*1748) married Elisabeth Hillers (*around 1740), the widow of the blacksmith Eden Hillers Oltmanns in Friedrichssiel, as a journeyman blacksmith in Hohenkirchen in 1779. On Johann Hinrich HOBBY (1753-1802) see 11.a). Gesche Margarethe HOBBY (1763-1838) married in 1789 the Köter Johann ‚Friedrich‘ Dierks (1758-1842) from Torsholt and had three children with him. On Frerk HOBBY (1767-1819) see 11.b).

11. a) Johann Hinrich HOBBY later HOBBJE, *10.11.1753 Gießelhorst, +07.12.1802 Fikensolt, Heuermann.
He wrote himself later „Hobbje“ and married in first marriage 1781 Anna ‚Margarethe‘ Hagens (1755-1799) from Felde, with whom he had 6 children, four of whom reached adulthood and married. For Frerk HOBBJE (1783-1856) see 12.a). Gesche Margarethe HOBBY (1786-1847) married in 1817 in Apen the shoemaker Johan Janßen (about 1790-after 1847). For Johann HOBBJE (1790-1852) see 12.b). Talke Margarethe HOBBJE (1794-1859) married the Heuermann Staas Wilken (1795-1867) from Hüllstede in 1821.
He married 1800 in second marriage Lena Margarethe Schwengelbrunken (1768-1806) from Westerstede and had with her a daughter Anna Margarethe HOBBJE (1801-1870), who married 1833 in Zwischenahn the Heuermann Johann Deeken (1797-1872) from Edewecht.

11. b) Frerk HOBBY, *17.10.1767 Torsholt, +03.11.1819 ibid., Heuermann.
In 1792 he married Anna Margarethe Hellwig (1764-1843) from Linswege and had four children with her. Frerk HOBBY (*1794) later called himself Frerich and was a soldier in 1822, his whereabouts are not known yet. Gesche Margarethe HOBBY (1797-1883) married in 1834 in Oldenburg-Osternburg the stallion worker Carsten Stubbe (1786-1853). For Brunke HOBBY (1802-1871) see 12.c). The whereabouts of Talke Lene HOBBIE (*1805) are not known yet.

12. a) Frerk HOBBJE, *01.11.1783 Westerstede, +07.07.1856 Espern, Viertelköter.
He married 1819 in Apen Anne Elisabeth Stoffers (1796-1852) from Westerloy and had with her 5 children, of which four reached adulthood and married. Anna ‚Margarethe‘ HOBBJE (1820-1877) married in 1844 the Heuermann Friedrich Janßen (*around 1815) from Apen. Anna HOBJE (1822-1892) married in 1852 the Halbköter Johann Hinrich Frerichs (1820-1886) from Apen. For Johann ‚Hinrich‘ HOBBJE (1826-1882) see 13.a). Helene HOBJE (1836-1919) married Johann Georg Blendermann (1819-1883) from Apen in 1856.

12. b) Johann HOBBJE, *28.10.1790 Westerstede, +20.10.1852 Westerstederfeld, farm worker.
He wrote himself later „Hobbie“, married 1814 Anna Maria Buhr (1793-1880) from Westerloy and had 5 children with her. For Johann ‚Friedrich‘ HOBBIE (1817-1876) see 13.b). Johann Diedrich HOBBIE (1820-1890) married in 1862 in Westerstede Janna Gerdes Brunken (1833-1874) from Meinersfehn and had with her three children, of which only Anna HOBBIE (1873-1955) married in 1900 the farm worker Johann ‚Hinrich‘ Wilken (*1867) from Gießelhorst. For Johann ‚Hinrich‘ HOBBIE (1822-1889) see 13.c). Johann HOBBIE (1825-1887) married Anna Margarethe Kruse (1834-1869) from Hollwege in 1856 and had 8 children, none of whom reached adulthood. Gerd Diedrich HOBBIE (*1830) emigrated to the USA in 1882, see 13.d).

12. c) Brunke HOBBY, *17.08.1802 Torsholt, +20.10.1871 Vechta, Heuermann.
From his first marriage in 1834 in Oldenburg with Anna Elisabeth Kaiser (1811-1850) from there he wrote himself „Hobbie“ and he had 7 children in Südedewecht, of whom three sons reached adulthood. For Johann Carl Georg HOBBIE (1833-1882) see 13.e). Bruncke HOBBIE (1839-1863) remained in Südedewecht and single. Johann ‚Diedrich‘ HOBBIE (1842-1873), who served as a servant in the Butjadinger Iffens with Georg Lange and participated in the war 1871/72, also remained single. The son Friedrich HOBBIE (1852-1857) from his second short marriage with Wübke Helene Harm-Dierks (1808-1853) from Südedewecht died as a child.

13. a) Johann ‚Hinrich‘ HOBBJE, *12.08.1826 Espern, *24.12.1882, ibid., Halbköter.
He married Helene Sophie Bruns (1838-1903) from Espern in 1856 and had 6 children with her, at least four of whom reached adulthood and married. For Friedrich HOBBJE (1857-1911) see 14.a). For Diedrich HOBBJE (1859-1893) see 14.b). For Johann Friedrich HOBBJE (1863-1941) see 14.c). For Friedrich ‚Wilhelm‘ HOBBJE (1871-1929) see 14.d).

13. b) Johann ‚Friedrich‘ HOBBIE, *03.08.1817 Westerloy, +17.08.1876 ibid., Halbköter und shoemaker.
He married in 1848 in Apen Anna Catharine Elisabeth Sievers (1822-1881) from Westerstede and had 6 children with her, of which at least four reached adulthood and married. Helene Marie HOBBIE (1851-1925) married Johann Stein around 1880 (*around 1850- after 1925). On Johann Heinrich HOBBIE (1857-1942) see 14.e). For Gerd Diedrich HOBBIE (1859-1947) see 14.f). Helene Sophie HOBBIE (*1864) married Johann Friedrich Hullmann (*1849) from Aperesch in 1888.

13. c) Johann ‚Hinrich‘ HOBBIE, *31.08.1822 Westerloy, +20.03.1889 Westerstederfeld, farm worker.
He married 1852 Gesche Margarethe Theilengerdes (1828-1898) from Westerloy and had with her 7 children, of which at least five reached adulthood and married. Anna Marie HOBBIE (1853-1938) married the Heuermann Renke Johann Friedrich Süsens (1851-1925) from Moorburg in 1879. Helene Margarethe HOBBIE (1855-1924) married Hermann Johann Janßen (1859-1925) from Meinersfehn in Westerstede in 1884. For Johann Hinrich HOBBIE (1856-1941) see 14.g). Gesche Sophie HOBBIE (1860-1931) married Johann Carstens (1854- after 1931), a farmer and cartwright from Gießelhorst, in 1880. Anna Elise HOBBIE (*1862) married the farm heir Johann Diederich Wilhelms (*1860) from Westerstederfeld in 1885.

13. d) Gerd Diederich „Dick“ HOBBIE, *28.01.1830 Westerloy, +USA, grower, farmer and worker.
He married 1858 Gebke Helene Helmers (*1829) from Hollwegerfeld, arrived with wife and two children on 13.03.1882 with the ship „Oder“ in New York and settled then in Illinois. For Johann Diederich HOBBIE (1859-1900) see 14.h). Marie Helene HOBBIE (1866-1925) married in 1889 in Madison, IL, Ernst P. H. Schilling (1868-before 1920).

13. e) Johann Carl Georg HOBBIE, *06.12.1833 Oldenburg, +11.12.1882 Südedewecht, ship carpenter.
He married Helene Elise Wehlau (1837-1870) from Südedewecht in his first marriage in 1864 and had three children with her. The whereabouts of Anna Elisabeth HOBBIE (*1864) and Helene Sophie HOBBIE (*1866) are still to be explored. For Johann ‚Diedrich‘ HOBBIE (1868-1945) see 14.k).
In his second marriage he married Helene König (1841-1910) from Südedewecht in 1877 and had two sons with her. For Johann ‚Carl‘ HOBBIE (1877-1956) see 14.m). For Georg HOBBIE (1879-1953) see 14.n).

14. a) Friedrich HOBBJE, *16.01.1857 Espern, +13.12.1911 Oldenburg, Halbköter.
He married Margarethe Janßen (1861-1936) from Apen in 1886 and had 6 children with her, of which the eldest sons Gustav Hinrich ‚Wilhelm‘ HOBBJE (1887-1916) and Bernhard Johann Henricus HOBBJE (1889-1914) fell in the First World War. Furthermore, only the daughter Helene Sophie HOBBJE (1888-1966) reached adulthood and married Christian Diedrich Renken (1878-before 1966) from Espern in 1920.

14. b) Diedrich HOBBJE, *14.02.1859 Espern, +12.04.1893 Apen, farm worker and tailor.
He married Wübke Helene Marie Menke (1863-after 1910) from Aschhauserfeld in Apen in 1886 and had four children with her, all of whom grew up and three of whom married. Anna Helene Sophie HOBBJE (1887-1965) married in 1910 in Apen Eduard Bernhard Wäcken (1881-before 1965) from Hager Hilgenbur, district of Norden. For Johann Hinrich Diedrich HOBBJE (1888-1970) see 15.a). Lina Louise Diederike HOBBJE (1890-1980) remained single. For Georg Bernhard Adalbert HOBBJE (1892-1941) see 15.b).

14. c) Johann Friedrich HOBBJE, *18.10.1863 Espern, +1941 north, deputy rector.
He married around 1893 in Norden Anna Dorothea Müller (1868-1955) from Norden and had with her three children, of whom two daughters reached an advanced age. Helene Sophie HOBBJE (1894-1988) married the district inspector Gerhard Janßen Peters (1887-1957) from Norden in 1922. Bernhard Johann Hinrich HOBBJE (1895-1915) fell in Russia. Anna ‚Elisabeth‘ Henriette HOBBJE (1901-2003) was a secondary school teacher and remained single.

14. d) Friedrich ‚Wilhelm‘ HOBBJE, *22.10.1871 Espern, +13.06.1929 Helgoland, merchant.
He married in 1903 in Wilhelmshaven Caroline Hoffmann (1878-1959) from Nordhofen (Westerwald) and had with her a daughter Helene HOBBJE (1903-1991) and a son. On Wilhelm Johann Hinrich HOBBJE (1904-1977) see 15.c).

14. e) Johann Heinrich HOBBIE, *01.01.1857 Apen, +19.04.1942 Wildeshausen, station administrator.
He married Catharine ‚Hermine‘ Sophie Jordan (1862-1955) from Neuenlande in Delmenhorst in 1883 and had 5 children with her, four of whom reached adulthood and married. For Johann ‚Hinrich‘ HOBBIE (1885-1958) see 15.d). On Heinrich Diedrich HOBBIE (1887-1956) see 15.e). Sophie Friederike Auguste HOBBIE (*1895) married the railway assistant Johann Heinrich Huntemann (*1883) from Dötlingen in Ganderkesee in 1921. Gesine Sophie Paula HOBBIE (*1901) married Erich Eduard Robert Rettig (1899-1971) from Berlin in Ganderkesee in 1922.

14. f) Gerd Diedrich HOBBIE, *31.10.1859 Apen, +01.04.1947 ibid., switch keeper and worker.
He married Helene Sophie Weihers (1863-1930) from Mansie in Westerstede in 1883 and had 9 children with her, 6 of whom are known to be married. For Johann Friedrich HOBBIE (*1883) see 15.f). Anna ‚Helene‘ HOBBIE (*1885) married 1909 in Apen the postman Wübbo Schulte (*1883) from Logaerfeld. Marie Sophie HOBBIE (*1887) married Heinrich Johann Ahlers (*1885) from Ofenerfeld in Ofen in 1911. Anna Hermine HOBBIE (*1889) married Bernhard Georg Heinrich Thien (*1881) from Elsfleth in 1911 in Apen. For Fritz HOBBIE (1893-1945) see 15.g). Emma HOBBIE (1899-1970) married the worker Ernst Janßen (1895-after 1970) from Augustfehn in Apen in 1920.

14. g) Johann Hinrich HOBBIE, *06.11.1856 Westerstederfeld, +25.07.1941 ibid., Köter.
He married Anna Catharine Wilken (1861-1928) from Hollwegerfeld in 1889 and had 6 children with her, four of whom reached adulthood and married. For Johann ‚Heinrich‘ HOBBIE (1890-1964) see 15.h). Martha HOBBIE (1895-1977) married the bricklayer Georg Osterloh (*1896) from Elmendorf in Zwischenahn in 1921. Anna HOBBIE (1898-1984) had the illegitimate daughter Margarete HOBBIE (1919-um 2009), who had numerous descendants named HOBBIE, and married Anton Georg Hillen (1904-1982) in 1938. Helene Johanne HOBBIE (*1905) married Emil Otto Alexander (*1894) from Blexen in Westerstede in 1930.

14. h) Johann „John“ Diederich HOBBIE, *15.12.1859 Moorburg, +1900 Montgomery, IL, farmer.
He arrived with parents and sister 1882 with the ship „Oder“ in the USA and married 1889 in Madison, IL, USA Amalie Trauernicht (1869-1956) and had 5 children with her, four of whom reached adulthood and married. For Fred Albert HOBBIE (1889-1947) see k). Anna HOBBIE (1892-1918) married around 1916 Herman F. Wolf (*around 1890) and had at least one son with him. To Herman Ernest John HOBBIE (1894-1968) see 15.m). Lena M. HOBBIE (1897-1965) married Fred Klindworth (1894-1989) in 1921.

14. k) Johann ‚Diedrich‘ HOBBIE, *06.08.1868 Südedewecht, +07.10.1945 Hude, railway keeper.
He married 1897 in Bockhorn Helene Gesine Witting (1869-1949) from there and had with her three daughters, of which two married. Johanne ‚Anna‘ HOBBIE (1899-1962) married 1929 in Hude the bricklayer Georg Heinrich Schütte (*1903) from there. Clara ‚Gesine‘ HOBBIE (*1903) had a daughter and married in 1932 in Osternburg the worker Hermann Martin Haar (*around 1900).

14. m) Johann ‚Carl‘ HOBBIE, *20.09.1877 Südedewecht, +24.02.1956 ibid., butcher.
He married Anna Kahlen (1885-1939) from Aschwege in Edewecht in 1904 and had three children with her. For Carl Friedrich ‚Adolf‘ HOBBIE (1904-1980) see 15.n). Gustav Georg HOBBIE (1908-1990) was baker, driver and bus driver, married around 1940 Johanne Talette Delger (1914-2004) from Apen-Tange and had a daughter with her. Anne Marie HOBBIE (1917-2011) married in 1943 in Edewecht the butcher Hermann Friedrich Karl Janssen (1913-before 2011) from Rüstringen and had four children with him.

14. n) Georg HOBBIE, *04.08.1879 Südedewecht, +21.02.1953 ibid., butcher.
He married Anna Elise Garms (1885-1980) from Klein-Scharrel in 1906 and had 6 children with her. Frieda Anna Helene HOBBIE (*1906) married in 1932 in Kirchhatten Bernhard Hinrich Gerken (*1909) from Westerburg and had at least one daughter. Emma Elise HOBBIE (*1908) married Johann Diedrich HOBBENSIEFKEN (1903-1970) from Lindern in 1932 and had four children with him. Helene Marie HOBBIE (1911-1992) had an illegitimate daughter and married in 1938 in Edewecht the locomotive heater Carl Magnus Onken (1910-1979) from Rastede-Südende. Georg Carl Gerhard HOBBIE (1913-1941) fell in World War II in Moldova. Anna Margarethe HOBBIE (1916-2003) married in 1942 in Edewecht the butcher Georg Paul ‚Carl‘ Reichelt (1911-1985) from Gimmel (Silesia) and had with him at least one daughter. To Karl Heinrich HOBBIE (1920-1997) see 15.o).

15. a) Johann Hinrich Diedrich HOBBJE, *30.11.1888 Apen, +06.01.1970 Lindenerfeld, farmer.
He married Marie Meyerdierks (1891-1976) from Westerloy in 1923 and had 5 children with her: Herbert Johann Diedrich HOBBJE (1924-2006), Helene Johanne Sophie HOBBJE (1926-2019), Luise Hanna Sophie HOBBJE (*1928), Georg Hermann ‚Friedrich‘ HOBBJE (*1930) and Johann Gerhard Eduard HOBBJE (1932-2014).

15. b) Georg Bernhard Adalbert HOBBJE, *15.11.1892 Apen, +17.01.1941 Helle, carpenter and vegetable grower.
He married 1918 in Ocholt Meta Renken (1892-1945) from Ocholt and had with her at least one daughter: Helene Johane HOBBJE (1918-2017).

15. c) Wilhelm Johann Hinrich HOBBJE, *25.03.1904 Helgoland, +09.09.1977 ibid.
He married Helene Hoffmann (1903-1991) from Ilmenau (Thuringia) on Helgoland in 1929 and had a son with him, Dieter Wilhelm Franz HOBBIE (1934-1993).

15. d) Johann ‚Hinrich‘ HOBBIE, *09.11.1885 Langförden, +06.01.1958 Aschenstedt, constable and executive officer.
In his first marriage around 1910 he married Alwine Bernhardine Focken (*1891) from Neugarmsiel and had three children with her: Hildegard HOBBIE (1912-1941) and Anneliese Bernhardine ‚Helene‘ HOBBIE (1914-1941), who both were killed in bombing, and Heinrich Werner HOBBIE (1922-1976).
In his second marriage he married around 1932 Margareta Paula Wick (1913-1991) from Konz, Kreis Trier, and had two children with her.

15. e) Heinrich Diedrich HOBBIE, *22.07.1887 Calveslage, +22.05.1956 Delmenhorst, tailor.
In 1923 he married Elise Mathilde Warfelmann (1893-1946) from Ganderkesee. Probably he emigrated as „Heinrich Hobie, Ganderkesee with family“ to South America on 06.02.1924 or soon after and apparently returned later.

15. f) Johann Friedrich HOBBIE, *31,05.*1883 Ocholt, Reichsbahn inspector.
He married Gerda Lankhorst (*1884) from Neuenhaus, district Bentheim in 1908 and had at least one son with her: Heinrich HOBBIE (1912-1945), who died during WW II in Bosnia.

15. g) Fritz HOBBIE, *24.05.1893 Kayhausen, +19.01.1945 Rostrup, machine fitter.
He married Carla Beek (1893-1966) from Detern in 1920 and had 5 children with her: Dietrich HOBBIE (1921-1945), Marie Helene HOBBIE (*1923), Georg Fritz HOBBIE (1924-1941), Sophie Hermine HOBBIE (1925-2006) and Johann Heinrich HOBBIE (*1929).

15. h) Johann ‚Heinrich‘ HOBBIE, *12.10.1890 Westerstederfeld, +31.03.1964 ibid., farmer.
He married Luise Hermine Schweer (1892-1986) from Grabstede in Westerstede in 1918 and had four children with her, three of whom reached adulthood: Anna Johanne HOBBIE (*1919), Johann Heinrich HOBBIE (1922-2013) and Erna Luise HOBBIE (1927-1984).

15. k) Fred Albert HOBBIE, *20.10.1889 Montgomery County, IL, USA, +21.04.1947 Granite City, Madison County, IL, USA, self-employed.
He married 1912 in Hamel, IL Elizabeth Reener (1985-1977) from Illinois and had with her at least one daughter: Olivia HOBBIE (*1924).

15. m) Herman „Harmon“ Ernest John HOBBIE, *06.02.1894 Harvel, Montgomery County, IL, +08.03.1968, farm worker.
He married Anna Renken (1899-1992) from Illinois in 1920 and had 10 children with her: John ‚Eral‘ HOBBIE (1920-1998), Evelyn HOBBIE (*around 1922), Calvin Herman HOBBIE (1924-1994), Roy HOBBIE (*around 1927), Betty HOBBIE (*around 1929), Kenneth HOBBIE (*1931), Raymond Henry HOBBIE (1931-2001), Dorothy HOBBIE (1933-2006), Glen Frederick HOBBIE (1936-2013) and David HOBBIE (*around 1939).

15. n) Carl Friedrich ‚Adolf‘ HOBBIE, *05.11.1904 Südedewecht, +11.03.1980 Oldenburg, butcher.
He married 1934 in Edewecht Helene ‚Margarethe‘ Oeltjenbruns (1909-2004) from Südedewecht and had with her two sons.

15. o) Karl Heinrich HOBBIE, *20.01.1920 Südedewecht, +07.06.1997, butcher.
He married 1948 in Edewecht Lucie Anna Juretzko (1928-2014) from Schlesiengrube (Silesia) and had with her three children.

For the main lines HOBBIEBRUNKEN and HOBBIOLTMANNS see there.

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Further information, also on children not listed here, deceased and unmarried, as well as on other descendants after 1900, if known and (e.g. in the case of living persons) not protected, may be provided on request, see Contact.