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The name „Hobbie“ is repeatedly written as „Hobbje“ in the Westersteder church books from about 1775 to 1803 at the time of the pastor Johann Hartmann, who came from Holstein in 1759 and died in 1803. The HOBBJE branch line evolved from the „HOBBIE aus Hollwege“ families.
This spelling can be found in the baptismal entries of the children of Johann Hinrich Hobby (1753-1802), a Heuermann (hired farmhand), and his first wife Anna ‚Margarethe‘ Hagens (1755-1799). Thus, with their first-born son Frerk Hobbje (1783-1856), the HOBBJE family branch is formed, which is still alive today. Frerk was also called Frerich and Friedrich after the marriage and acquired as a Köter (small farmer) in 1824 the Köterstelle (small farm) of Johann Hinrich Gerdes in Espern, municipality of Apen, which had been named for the first time 1681 as Gesche von Espen belonging.

The following branch line HOBBJE of the families „HOBBIE aus Hollwege“ is an excerpt from the complete representation under Hollwege.

The spelling of the names mainly follows the baptismal registers and documents. The German names for farmers and farm hands are retained and are to be interpreted as follows:
„Hausmann“ = farmer with a long-established hereditary farm, first settlers in a village,
„Köter“ = farmer with a smaller, later founded farm,
„Halbköter, Viertelköter“ = Köter with less land,
„Brinksitzer“ = small farmer on the outskirts of the village,
„Anbauer“ = farmer on newly cultivated land,
„Grundheuermann“ = farm hand with own house on non-inherent land,
„Heuermann, Heuerling“ = farm hand without own house,
„Häusling“ = person without own house,
„Dienstknecht, Knecht“ = farm hand.

11.   a)Johann Hinrich HOBBY later HOBBJE, *10.11.1753 Gießelhorst, +07.12.1802 Fikensolt, Heuermann.
He later wrote himself „Hobbje“ and first married Anna Margarethe Hagens (1755-1799) from Felde in 1781, with whom he had 6 children, four of whom reached adulthood and married. For Frerk HOBBJE (1783-1856) see 12.a). Gesche Margarethe HOBBY (1786-1847) married in 1817 in Apen the shoemaker Johan Janßen (about 1790- after 1847). For Johann HOBBJE (1790-1852) see 12.b). Talke Margarethe HOBBJE (1794-1859) married the Heuermann Staas Wilken (1795-1867) from Hüllstede in 1821.
He married 1800 in second marriage Lena Margarethe Schwengelbrunken (1768-1806) and had with her a daughter Anna Margarethe HOBBJE (1801-1870), who married 1833 in Zwischenahn the Heuermann Johann Deeken (1797-1872) from Edewecht.

12.   a) Frerk HOBBJE, *01.11.1783 Westerstede, +07.07.1856 Espern, Viertelköter.
He married 1819 in Apen Anne Elisabeth Stoffers (1796-1852) from Westerloy and had with her 5 children, of which four reached adulthood and married. Anna ‚Margarethe‘ HOBBJE (1820-1877) married in 1844 the Heuermann Friedrich Janßen (*1815) from Apen. Anna HOBJE (*1822) married in 1852 the Halbköter Johann Hinrich Frerichs (1820-1886) from Apen. For Johann ‚Hinrich‘ HOBBJE (1826-1882) see 13.a). Helene HOBJE (1836-1919) married Johann Georg Blendermann (1819-before 1919) from Apen in 1856.

12.   b) Johann HOBBJE, *28.10.1790 Westerstede, +20.10.1852 Westerstederfeld, Grundheuermann.
He married 1814 Anna Maria Buhr (1793-1880) from Westerloy and had 5 sons with her. Since he wrote himself from marriage again „Hobbie“, this line described at „HOBBIE from Hollwege“ is not continued here.

13.   a) Johann ‚Hinrich‘ HOBBJE, *12.08.1826 Espern, *24.12.1882, ibid., Halbköter.
He married Helene Sophie Bruns (1838-1903) from Espern in 1856 and had 6 children with her, at least four of whom reached adulthood and married. For Friedrich HOBBJE (1857-1911) see 14.a). For Diedrich HOBBJE (1859-1893) see 14.b). For Johann Friedrich HOBBJE (1863-1941) see 14.c). For Friedrich ‚Wilhelm‘ HOBBJE (1871-1929) see 14.d).

14.   a) Friedrich HOBBJE, *16.01.1857 Espern, +13.12.1911 Oldenburg, Halbköter.
He married in 1886 Margarethe Janßen (1861-1936) from Apen and had with her 6 children, of which the eldest sons Gustav Hinrich ‚Wilhelm‘ HOBBJE (1887-1916) and Bernhard Johann Henricus HOBBJE (1889-1914) fell in the First World War and only the daughter Helene Sophie HOBBJE (1888-1966) married in 1920 Christian Diedrich Renken (1878-before 1966) from Espern.

14.   b) Diedrich HOBBJE, *14.02.1859 Espern, +12.04.1893 Apen, Grundheuermann and Tailor.
He married Wübke Helene Marie Menke (1863- after 1910) from Aschhauserfeld in Apen in 1886 and had four children with her, all of whom grew up and three of whom married. Anna Helene Sophie HOBBJE (1887-1965) married in 1910 in Apen Edurd Bernhard Wäcken (1881-before 1965) from Hager Hilgenbur, district of Norden. For Johann Hinrich Diedrich HOBBJE (1888-1970) see 15.a). Lina Louise Diederike HOBBJE (1890-1980) remained single. For Georg Bernhard Adalbert HOBBJE (1892-1941) see 15.b).

14.   c) Johann Friedrich HOBBJE, *18.10.1863 Espern, +1941 Norden, deputy head.
He married around 1893 in Norden Anna Dorothea Müller (1868-1955) from Norden and had with her three children, of whom two daughters reached adulthood. Helene Sophie HOBBJE (1894-1988) married the district inspector Gerhard Janßen Peters (1887-1957) from Norden in 1922. Bernhard Johann Hinrich HOBBJE (1895-1915) fell in Russia. Anna ‚Elisabeth‘ Henriette HOBBJE (1901-2003) was a secondary school teacher and remained single.

14.   d) Friedrich ‚Wilhelm‘ HOBBJE, *22.10.1871 Espern, +13.06.1929 Helgoland, merchant.
He was a merchant first in Wilhelmshaven (later on the island of Helgoland), married Caroline Hoffmann (1878-1959) from Nordhofen (Westerwald) in Wilhelmshaven in 1903 and had with her a daughter Helene HOBBJE (1903-1991) and a son. For Wilhelm Johann Hinrich HOBBJE (1904-1977) see 15.c).

15.   a) Johann Hinrich Diedrich HOBBJE, *30.11.1888 Apen, +06.01.1970 Lindenerfeld, farmer.
He married Marie Meyerdierks (1891-1976) from Westerloy in Westerstede in 1923 and had three sons and two daughters with her.

15.   b) Georg Bernhard Adalbert HOBBJE, *15.11.1892 Apen, +17.01.1941 Helle, carpenter and vegetable grower.
He married 1918 in Ocholt Meta Renken (1892-1945) from Ocholt and had with her at least one daughter: Helene Johane HOBBJE (1918-2017).

15.   c) Wilhelm Johann Hinrich HOBBJE, *25.03.1904 Helgoland, +09.09.1977 ibid.
He married Helene Hoffmann (1903-1991) from Ilmenau (Thuringia) on Helgoland in 1929 and had a son with him, Dieter Wilhelm Franz HOBBIE (1934-1993).

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Further information, also on children not listed here, deceased or unmarried, as well as on other descendants after 1900, if known and (e.g. in the case of living persons) not data-protected, may be provided on request, see Contact.


Also in the main line „HOBBIE from Rastederberg“, whose name has been written as „Hobbie“ until today, a secondary line was created, in which the spelling HOBJE was consolidated. Particularly in the period from about 1717 to 1731 and again from 1828 to 1854 – at the same time as the pastor Friedrich Christian Bonus (1772-1858) from 1828 to 1858 was in office in Rastede – the „Platt-German“ spelling „Hobje“ was preferred in the church books. While in Rastede the following pastor wrote „Hobbie“ again from about 1859, Eilerd Gerhard Hobbie (1820-1878), who was born in Rastederberg, married Anna Catharine Horstmann (1825-1890) from Norderschwei in Switzerland and was still listed as „Hobje“ in the church records. All 5 children and the descendants spreading towards Butjadingen kept this spelling until according to an order of the Grand Ducal District Court Butjadingen to Nordenham of 15 Apr. 1914 these family members had to write their family name „Hobje“ again as „Hobbie“.

Johann Hermann Diedrich HOBJE (1911-around 1972) was the only one to evade this order by leaving the region, marrying in 1931 in Wilhelmshaven and finally being in Bremen. Descendants can be found not only in Bremen, but also in Schleswig-Holstein after the Second World War.

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Further information, also on children not listed here, deceased or unmarried, as well as on other descendants after 1900, if known and (e.g. in the case of living persons) not protected, may be provided on request, see Contact.