The earliest mention of the family name HOBBEN can be found in Ocholt 1428 in the „Oldenburger Salbuch“, the register which was compiled by the Drosten Jacob von Specken from 1428 to 1450 about landed property and taxes to the counts of Oldenburg. Although already much earlier settled, the place is mentioned only in a document of the count Johann IV. of Oldenburg of 18 January 1350.

As one of three farms the Hausmannsstelle von Reyner HOBBEN is mentioned first. In later earth books the farm is listed as no. 2, in 1581 Johan HOBBEN is listed there. For the family „HOBBEN from Ocholt“ see there.

In the Mannzahlregister (defence recruitment) of 1581 a Gerdt HOBBEN is listed for the first time in Apen on a Köterei (small farm), which is called later as farm No. 18. Probably he is a later son from Ocholt. Since this is not provable so far, the families „HOBBEN from Apen“ are described there in more detail.

Likewise 1581 is called in Westerloy the Köter (small farmer) HOBBEN Sieveke, which might be likewise a later born son of the families „HOBBEN from Ocholt“. In 1653 Johann Hobben-Siefken is mentioned on the farm which was later listed as no. 17 in the earth books. Even if this descent is very probable, the families „HOBBENSIEFKEN from Westerloy“ are described there separately.