The branch line HOBBIEOLTMANNS of the families „HOBBIE from Hollwege“

The name HOBBIEOLTMANNS originated from the Ammerland custom of giving the first-born son the first name of his grandfather as a rule, occasionally of his father instead. Oltmann HOBBY (1614-1666) as the later son of Didtrich HOBBY (about 1570 before 1631) wanted to name his first-born son like his older brother Diedrich HOBBY (1600-1666) after his father Didtrich / Dierk as well, as is usual in this family, who therefore received the name addition „Oltmann“ to distinguish him and was called Dierk HOBBY-OLTMANNS from then on. Thus Oltmann HOBBY, the 7th generation starting from Hanneke HOBBING (*around 1400) as the top ancestor of the families „Hobbie aus Hollwege„, became the founder of the secondary line „Hobbieoltmanns“.

The spelling of the names mainly follows the baptismal registers and documents. The German names for farmers and farm hands are retained and are to be interpreted as follows:
„Hausmann“ = farmer with a long-established hereditary farm, first settlers in a village,
„Köter“ = farmer with a smaller, later founded farm,
„Halbköter, Viertelköter“ = Köter with less land,
„Brinksitzer“ = small farmer on the outskirts of the village,
„Anbauer“ = farmer on newly cultivated land,
„Grundheuermann“ = farm hand with own house on non-inherent land,
„Heuermann, Heuerling“ = farm hand without own house,
„Häusling“ = person without own house,
„Dienstknecht, Knecht“ = farm hand.

7. Oltmann HOBBY, *around 1614 Hollwege, +17.02.1666 ibid., Köter.
He was Köter (small farmer), married 1640 Talcke Klessen (about 1618-1666) and had only one son with her, who reached adulthood: Dierk HOBBY named HOBBY-OLTMANNS (1641-after 1693), see 8).

8. Dierk HOBBY named HOBBY-OLTMANNS, *19.04.1641 Hollwege, +after 1693, Köter.
He married 1664 Almett Meynen (*1643) from Hollwege and had with her three children. Talke HOBBY-OLTMANNS (1669-1758) married 1702 Gerd Bicker (1675-1747) from Hollwege. For Dierk OLTMANNS also HOBBY-OLTMANNS (1676-1751) see 9.a). For Meine HOBBY-OLTMANNS (1681-1724) see 9.b).

9.  a) Dierk OLTMANNS also HOBBY-OLTMANNS, *06.08.1676 Hollwege, +27.10.1751 ebd., Köter.
He married Gesche Deye-Sievken (1678-1733) from Halstrup in 1701 and had 5 children with her. Talke OLTMANNS (1702-1776) married Dierk Lanje (1696-1772) of Hollwege in 1726. Dierk OLTMANNS also HOBBY-OLTMANNS (1704-1776) was the heir of the farm. Johann HOBBY-OLTMANNS also HOBBY-OLTMANNS (1706-1754) married Gebke Röseler (*1708) from Felde in 1739 and had with her at least the daughter Gesche HOBBY-OLTMANNS (1739-1797), who married in 1759 in Accum Garlich Meine Luth (1734-1801) from Varel and moved with him to Kniphausersiel. Anna OLTMANNS (1711-1784) married Johann Vohlken (around 1705-1740) from Hollwege in 1732 and and had at least two children with him. Gesche HOBBY-OLTMANNS (1722-1786) married 1747 Gerd Brunken (1729-1762) from Halsbek.

9.   b) Meine HOBBY-OLTMANNS, *02.07. 1681 Hollwege, +13.11.1724 ebd.
He married 1714 Talke Willikens (*1691) of Gießelhorst and had with her four children, at least one of whom died as a child. The whereabouts of Hille Oltmanns (*1716) and Dierk Oltmanns (*1723) are not yet known. Talke Oltmanns (1721-1777) married Ferich Süsens (1703-1790) from Hollwege in 1752 and had four children with him.

10.   Dierk OLTMANNS also HOBBY-OLTMANNS, *20.10.1704 Hollwege, +25.03.1776 ibid., Köter.
He married 1733 Hille Spasitt (1705-1770) and had with her five children, two of whom died as a child. The whereabouts of the daughter first born in 1735, whose first name is not legible in the baptismal register, is unknown so far. Anna HOBBY-OLTMANNS (1737-1808) married 1767 Franz Hinrich Ehlers (1740-1792) from Hüllstede and had the two daughters Anna Sophie Ehlers married Nordhoff (1770-1831) and Helene Ehlers (*1773), who married 1795 her cousin Dierk HOBBY-OLTMANNS (1773-1845), see 12.). Dierk HOBBY-OLTMANNS (1748-1829) was the farm heir.

11. Dierk HOBBY-OLTMANNS, *29.02.1748 Hollwege, +15.09.1829 ibid., Köter.
He married 1767 Thalcke Sophie HOBBY (1744-1830) from Hollwege, his cousin 4th degree, and had with her three children, of which two sons reached adulthood and at least one married. Dierk HOBBY-OLTMANNS (1772-1845) was farm heir. The whereabouts of Friedrich HOBBY-OLTMANNS (1780-1854) remained single.

12. Dierk HOBBY-OLTMANNS, *10.01.1772 Hollwege, +11.05.1845 ibid., Köter and innkeeper.
He married 1795 Helene Ehlers (1773-1837) from Hollwege, his cousin, and had with her four children. Dierk Hobby-Oltmanns (1795-1802) died as a child and Franz ‚Hinrich‘ Hobby-Oltmanns (1802-1831) remained single.. Anna HOBBY-OLTMANNS (1799-1821) married Ötje Dujesiefken (1792-1870) from Halstrup in 1819. Johann ‚Diedrich‘ HOBBY-OLTMANNS (1808-1836) was the farm heir.

13. Johann ‚Diedrich‘ HOBBY-OLTMANNS, *28.05.1808 Hollwege, +09.03.1836 ibid., Köter and innkeeper.
He married Anna Eilers (1812-1849) in 1835, the marriage remained without descendants. His widow Anna married the innkeeper Eilert Oltmanns (1810-1870) from Edewecht in Westerstede in 1837 and had three children with him: Johann Diederich OLTMANNS (1839-1911), Eilerd Friederich OLTMANNS (1841-1919) and Heinrich OLTMANNS (1845-1892). They were given the family name Oltmanns, even though their father was registered after the death of his (first) wife Anna Eilers under the name „Eilert Hobbieoltmanns“ as the owner of the farm and inn. Eilert Oltmanns married in second marriage 1851 in Westerstede Wübke Helene Oltmer (1825-1903) of Osterscheps and had with her at least one son and later innkeeper Christian Georg OLTMANNS (1856-1903).
With this the branch line of „Hobbieoltmanns“ ended.


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